2015 Year In Review: The Blends

Blogger + Friend = BLEND

Blogging has brought some of the most amazing opportunities into my life and allowed me to work through highs and lows of my weight loss journey. 

But more importantly it has brought some of the most amazing people into my life.

So let's take a journey through the freakin' phenomenal social media people I was able to hang out with IRL (in real life) in 2015!

Note: Click on a person's name to check out their blog or social media handle!


The party started at the inaugural Disneyland #RebelChallenge weekend. My Boo Linzie and I hosted the #RebelTweetup where friends from all over the country joined us for high-fives, hugs and beer.

Sometimes friends can't make a tweetup, so you meet up with them before, during or after the race.

Oh hey Kim, Gail, AJ, Ivie and Patrick!

Linzie and I will be back at the #RebelTweetup game in 2016 as well.


Since tweetups are all the rage, I hosted another during Princess weekend at Disney World in February with my girl Kat.

We had an amazing turnout of folks running the races and those just in town to be at Disney! ;)

I seriously love tweetups. Not only because it gives me the chance to meet up with a ton of friends at once, but I also love giving away prizes from brands I love.

I am excited to host the #DarkSideTweetup with Gelcys and Dani (yes another girl Dani) in 2016! Be sure to join us if you are in town.


During Boston Marathon weekend, the city of Boston was abuzz and full of social media friends! The entire weekend feels like a giant party that is capped off with a marathon!

The Expo and shakeout runs are great places to run into folks. Oh hey Monica, Samantha, Kristin, Brian and Danielle.

But when all else fails? See you blends before/during the race or while showing off the bling!!


The month of May kicked off with my first ever Ragnar Relay with an amazing group of people who I had never met before. That's right folks. I went into a van for 36 hours only knowing my girl Dacia

But I came out with amazing friends and stories. This group of 12 people combined to lose 1500 pounds and inspire others to be healthy, happy and active. 

Before the event we had only communicated through Facebook and Twitter. It is amazing how people can come into your life and change it in such a short period of time.

After just three short weeks at home I was off to Rock 'n' Roll San Diego for an epic We Run Social takeover.

I can't even tell you how mind-blowingly awesome this weekend was as it included Linzie, Brian, Sarah, Carlee, Angela, Michael, Melissa and the super cool Andrea (aka Kimmy Gibbler).

And the Pro Compression/We Run Social tweetup welcomed so many new faces in to my world. It was one kick ass dance party too. 


When my Weight Watchers bloggers come to Boston, I make myself available. My girl Kelly, who has lost over 120 pounds, made her second trip from NYC to Boston.

And then things got International! That's right. THE Skinny Doll was in town from Ireland and she attended my WW meeting. It was an honor having her in the room and getting the chance to hug her in real life after knowing her through Twitter for over 3 years.


For my 33rd birthday, I received an amazing gift - the opportunity to run my first Reach the Beach relay and it would be with New Balance.

The trip allowed me to hang out with and learn from these great New York & Boston bloggers: KarlaEvannAshleySasheaRachel and Jessica.

Just a week later I was on the Cape with my ZOOMA ambassadors: Nancy, Jess, Jess and Nicolasa

Seriously. How did I get so lucky to meet such amazing people thank to the internet?


October featured back-to-back epic weekends when I had the chance to:

1) Head to Brooklyn for RnR Brooklyn Half and hang with MargoMelanieMeghan, Steve, Gregg, Briana and more!


2) Smile, laugh and selfie my way through Runner's World Half & Festival in PA including Bart Yasso, David creator of #Runchat, Matt, Doug, Heather and the amazing guys behind Altra Running (yay Brian)!


If the year of hanging with blends around the country had to come to an end, I was pretty pysched for it to end in Savannah with Kristin, Joe, Brooklyn, Larisa, Kelly and more!

Man putting this together truly remembers how blessed I am. Thank you blogging and internet for bringing these sparkly and shining people into my world.

I can't wait to see who I get to hang out with in 2016... will it be YOU? ;)

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