Savannah Doubleheader: 5k & 1-miler

Mother Nature is one fickle lady! 

On Saturday November 7 for the Rock 'n' Roll Savannah marathon we had 80+ degree temps with 100% humidity.

On Sunday November 8, we were met with 60 degrees and rain.

Ummm really? Really Mother Nature. Really?

Well it was better than having 80-degree temps for both race days... I guess. Womp womp! ;)

On Sunday thanks to being a Rock N Blog member, I was able to complete the race weekend trifecta by tackling the doubleheader: 5k and 1-miler.

If you are looking to calculate the weekend, that would be 30.3 miles in two days. I really am not sure when I become the person that was amped to run a 5k and a 1-mile race the day after a marathon! But I was freakin' PUMPED! Especially since I didn't get to really showcase the work I had put in during the marathon.

Photo courtesy: @LarisaDixonBlog

Photo courtesy: @LarisaDixonBlog

It was awesome to have the crew together again on Sunday morning. Well except BamaGirlRuns because she had to head to Disney to slosh through the Wine & Dine race. Yes that chick ran two races in two states in one day. She cray... and I love her! :)

The 5k and 1-miler were both taking part in Daffin Park, which we were able to find thanks to Google Maps. Yes we parked and started to walking where we thought it was and learned after a mile walk that it was another 2 miles away. Weeellll we will just head back to the car and drive to the correct location. ;)

The 5k would be taking place first at 1pm followed by the 1-miler at 2:30pm. 

If you can't tell, Joe had opted to run the 5k in jeans and flip flops. #YouDoYou sir. ;)

I really wasn't sure what my body would want to do that day, but I was ready to let the legs fly if they wanted to.

Joe and I started the race together and were kicking some serious booty. Only Joe can run the first mile in 7:40 in jeans and adidas flip flops. 

There were quite a few turns including a turnaround just after Mile 1. I love a good turnaround. Gives you a chance to cheer on your fellow participants. :) 

We really did just run around Daffin Park, which was nice. It was flat and wasn't part of the marathon course the day prior.

Seriously the trees in Savannah are crazy cool.

It was unfortunately right around this part where I lost Joe. His flip flop had come undone. I had to keep running because I thought my legs would just give up if I stopped. I know not the best running partner move, but I wasn't thinking straight. I felt bad after the fact!! He had stayed with me the entire marathon and I kept going during the 5k. 

Just after Mile 2, we headed into a little trail running. It was quaint and nice to be on a path.

I think we can definitely tell that was an action shot there. One of the blurriest I've ever taken. I focused on these folks in front of me and used them as motivation.

It was cool seeing so many people and especially families out doing the race together.

I was going to snap a mid-run selfie with the horses, but they didn't want to cooperate.

Before I knew it, we were heading back towards the baseball stadium and on to the Finish. It was cool running around the warning track to the Finish, which was at home plate!

FINAL TIME: 22:07 (7:07 min/mile pace)

After grabbing my Remix challenge medal (for doing the marathon and 5k), I met back up with Joe and Brian to cheer on our ladies!

These ladies looked strong and kicked some serious booty! Each of them had run the half marathon the day before.

We met back up with the ladies as they grabbed their free Michelob Ultras. Once everyone else had their beer I headed back to the car to do a quick change before the 1-miler. I was the only one doing the 1-miler, but luckily the crew hung around to cheer me on! Even in the rain! :)

The 1-miler was pretty much the first mile of the 5k. It had started to rain harder and folks were breaking out the ponchos. I hadn't brought one so I was going tank top and skirt/shorts.

I had never done a 1-mile race so I knew no matter what it would be an automatic PR!

Again I had no idea what the legs would do, but I wanted to give it my all. It was the third and final race of the weekend.

All of a sudden the countdown was over and we were off. The ground was getting slippery from the rain. I tried to play it easy on the turns because the last thing I wanted to do was wipe out in a 1-mile race.

I could see there weren't too many people in front of me so I had a thought of placing. But there is always time for a blurry mid-run selfie.

Big thanks to my friend Julia for also snapping some action shots. 

As I came towards the Finish chute, I could see my friends cheering me on. There was also a little kid in front of me who was digging deep. His dad was out on the course cheering him on. It was so motivating to see. I tried to help push him at the end to give whatever he had left.

And as you can expect with a 1-mile race it seemed like it was over before it started. ;0)

Luckily I was able to give one final kick at the end and finish with my leap.


Now my Garmin had the course at 0.92 miles not a full mile. But I wasn't about to head back to make up the mileage ;) I was going to trust the race over my Garmin on this one. :P

I was SHOCKED to finish first in my division and second female overall. That seriously put a huge bounce in my step. It gives me hope for the future if I continue to work hard.

Now before we headed out, Larisa and I cheered on the final participant in the race. He was giving it everything he had and it was extremely inspiring to see.

Big thanks to this amazing crew for being motivating, energetic and positive throughout the Savannah weekend. It's great when you can meet people for the first time and the good times start immediately. Special love to my roomie Larisa! :)

To Rock N Blog and Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series, it has been a life-changing experience being part of the crew! Thank you for the opportunity!