Face It Friday: A Loss Is A Loss & It's #SmartPoints Time

Today I woke up to a new era of my weight loss journey.. Weight Watchers #SmartPoints!

It was odd moving through yesterday knowing that it would be my final day counting Points Plus values - the plan I knew for the last 5 years. 

Now I've been through multiple iterations of Weight Watchers so I am always open to new changes. *More on that later*

But this morning I woke up with mixed feelings on facing the scale. I had made some tough decisions this week while avoiding temptations. As a result, my mind IMMEDIATELY thought I should've had a 15 pound loss as a thank you. Oh no is that now how it works? ;) Yes I know it isn't.

As always I would take whatever the scale gave me as it is just one way in which is measure how we are doing.

And I lost...

0.6 pounds!

Immediate thought: WOMP WOMP!
Appropriate reaction: A loss - no matter how small - is a loss!

Working my way little by little back to the 160s then the 150s. One step at a time my friends. As I was telling my BFF today, I am in a different place than I was when I had to re-lose my 20 lbs last year. I am now at a desk job and learning how to handle that environment!

Once I entered my weight into my Weight Watchers app, it was time to learn about #BeyondTheScale. It was odd to not be "in the know" before the release, but I kind of liked it. I didn't have to be an expert or answer questions. I could focus on how the plan changes would affect me.

Here are the screens I went through:

After I finished the intro, it was assessment time:

Oh no just kidding. The assessment continued on: 

Luckily I was walking on the treadmill while I was doing this. Hello healthy multi-tasking! ;) 

Now *drum roll please* it was time to find out my fate!

Okay while my weeklies decreased, my daily points increased so overall I came out with the same number. Before: 28 DPT + 49 weeklies and now 30 DPT + 35 weeklies.

So how will I attack this week? Like I have during every other launch: I will do my normal eating and then see how it fits or doesn't fit into the plan. I enjoy taking a week to see what tweaks I will need to take in the future. 

Overhauling changes never works for me so taking this approach is just the ease in I need.

Oh oh oh I am LOVING the new Connect feature on the WW app. Please friend me and I will follow you back! 

Are you trying out the new Weight Watchers #BeyondTheScale plan? If so, what do you think so far?