Ummmm HI! Miss me? Time To Talk Run Disney 2016!

Since Saturday's post about my Friday weigh-in, I've been wanting to write something. But every time I went to grab the laptop, I would get hit with a coughing fit. As a result, Mucinex and my bed won out.

Plus puppy snuggles are a great healer. 

The cough has been plaguing me for almost 10 days now and it just isn't going away. I am guessing it is time to finally suck it up and head to the CVS Minute Clinic.

Yes I probably should've gone earlier, but I am a stubborn one. ;)

Are we shocked? :P

So what's been on my mind?

Well Disneyland for one thing! T-minus 35 days until the wife and I return to Disneyland. I will be tackling my second #RebelChallenge (10k and Half) plus the 5k on Friday! Yes I need all the bling!

The wife was supposed to run, but she found out her knee is not up to it. We were lucky - for $55 - to defer her entry to 2017. So DARN looks like we will have to go back for another year. HAHA

In 2015, we tackled the #RebelChallenge in January in Disneyland and hit up Disney World in February for the #GlassSlipperChallenge. We earned our first Coast to Coast medal.

In 2016, we are ready to take on another inaugural race - the Disney World #DarkSideChallenge in April! Hollah! Finishing the #RebelChallenge and #DarkSideChallenge will end in a new #KesselChallenge medal rather than the Coast to Coast medal. 

Oh my bling...

Since we opted to splurge and purchase the Annual Pass for Disney World, we need to spend 10 days in the park to get our money back. We have 5 booked in April and are hoping to head back in November 2016 for Wine and Dine. Under Run Disney's new rules, I will be able to use the Star Wars race in Disneyland and Wine and Dine to get another Coast to Coast medal. Previously, you could only use a race to count for one additional medal - but no more! :)

So what is my focus now?

2015: 5k, 10k, half

2015: 5k, 10k, half

COSTUMES! The wife and I really need to get to work on planning since I need 6 Star Wars costumes. Anyone have any ideas?

Ohh ohh ohhh we will also be hosting Tweetups during both race weekends:

January 16 - #RebelTweetup - 1-3pm at Trader Sam's (Disneyland)

April 16 - #DarkSideTweetup - 1-3pm at Disney Spring's Carousel (Disney World)

Which weekend will I see YOU at?