OH SNAP! #YearInReviewLinkUp With Running With SD Mom! HELL YEAH!

What the heck is a linkup?

Why does the amazing and electrifying Running With SD Mom want to host one with me?

How the HELL is 2015 almost over?

Where's my snack?

Oohhhh shiny! 

Okay some or all of those questions/thoughts went through my mind when the awesome Running With SD Mom asked if I wanted to host an End of Year link-up with her.

As Smitha mentioned on her post, we have many blogging friends in common. But we were actually at the same race at the same time and I don't think we even were introduced. Or if we were I was probably too distracted trying to nail that perfect post-race medal pose. ;) This will be rectified someday, but for now we run virtually together and work on making the interwebs a positive and colorful place! :) 

So let's address my first question: what the heck is a linkup?

Well here are the rules:

1. Link-up using the In-linkz at the bottom of one of the host’s posts for the day. Each host will have 2-3 Best of 2015 posts to give you a chance to link up as many posts as you want. The same in-linkz will be active with each post.

2. Link to a specific Best of 2015. Links to non Best Of or general blog only posts will be deleted.

3. It is socially acceptable to mention the linkup in your post, use the graphic and to link back to both of your hosts.

4. If you can, we encourage you to visit at least two of the other linked posts. The more you share, the more they share!

So just one question is left: Are you in?