Face It Friday: A Loss & Honest Tracking

So this week's #FaceItFriday weigh-in actually took place on Thursday.

My family and I have a Christmas Eve tradition of watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation with a side of wine and Chinese food. Well Chinese food has been hurting my stomach the past few times we ordered out so we opted for pizza instead. 

Since I wanted to enjoy my Christmas Eve tradition and NOT have all of it show up on the scale the next day - oh hey bloating - I weighed in a day early. 

For this past week, I focused on how Day 1 of my week went. My Weight Watchers week begins on Friday and if that day gets away from me - the entire weekend usually follows the same way. You would think after six years on Weight Watchers I would've realized this sooner and been focusing on it. But nope! Apparently I am slow on the uptake. ;)

This past Friday was right on point and you know what - the rest of the weekend followed suit. I made sure that every indulgence was worth it and switched up my plan if I wanted to squeeze in a different splurge.

There were two instances from last weekend that I am most proud of:

1) I brought a salad (4pts) and some BOOM CHICKA POP (3pts) with me to see Star Wars on Saturday so that I could indulge in a glass of wine!

2) The wife and I went to PF Changs on Sunday and I found a delicious option for 13 smart points: 9pts Ginger Chicken with Broccoli and 4pts for brown rice. It was satisfying, filling and totally fit into my plan for the day!

So how did weigh-in go?

Down 2.1 lbs! HOLLAH!

That marks 8.6 lbs since recommitting to my health on November 6! I still have 14 lbs to go, but I am focusing on the great advances I am making each and everyday! 

Now I just mentioned how my Friday will determine the rest of the weekend. Well guess what day Christmas was on? Yup a Friday! ;)

So I tried to go into the day with the clean slate that I had and knowing this would be one day. If there was something I really wanted to splurge on I could.

What did I choose to splurge on: a tiny slice of cheesecake (6pts), delicious local beer (28pts) and McDonald's french fries (16pts) on our way home. So if you took out the beer and fries I was right on point for the day. ;)

Well I will tell you I don't regret one point from Christmas and I am proud of myself for weighing, measuring and honestly tracking every bite, lick and taste that went into my mouth. 

Honest tracking has been one of the biggest lessons Weight Watchers taught me. When I first started I didn't want to own up to going over or a splurge or binge. I didn't want to look like I failed.

But I realized no one was looking at my tracker and I was only hurting myself by not being honest with what was going in my mouth. 

It really stings the first few times you see those numbers creep up, but it sticks with you. It makes you stop and think the next time it is about to happen.

There are times though where it doesn't end up being as bad as you think. You expect this splurge to be worth 1000 pts, but you look it up, see that it is 20 and you move on. The great thing is you can always earn those FitPoints to get yourself out of the negative if you have to. They can be that emergency bank for you - especially during the holidays!

I also make sure to list the Pts values on those tempting treats that come into the house. My uncle bought me some Irish candies and it was a little sticker shock when I saw the Pts had doubled from the old plan. OUCH! But seeing the number on the package will make me stop and think: "Is this worth it?" Sometimes the answer will be yes, sometimes the answer will be part of one is worth it and sometimes the answer can be no.

It simply comes down to deciding and knowing that you are worth the work! You are worth being honest with yourself. You are worth success. You are worth WINNING!