RodaleU Introducing "New Year, New You" classes... Plus Discount Code!

Have you heard of the New Year, New You challenge from RodaleU?

It’s a new year — time to take steps toward improving your life and feeling great! And who better to make it happen than the health and fitness experts at Rodale? That’s why we created the 2016 New Year, New You Challenge. Choose from a variety of courses (we call them challenges) that target specific fitness goals — such as losing weight, improving running or cycling skills, or achieving greater mental wellbeing. Along the way, you’ll have access to resources that keep you on track to meet your goals.

Runner’s World and Bicycling introduced two new RodaleU classes in time for the New Year and the New Year, New You challenge.

Want to hear more? Don't worry I got your back!

Whether your most recent running experience was in elementary school gym class or whether you've tried—and failed—to make a running habit stick later in life, our course can help you develop a routine you'll want to continue long after this three-week program ends.

Follow this program, and you'll learn:

  • Why many new runners get injured (and how to avoid their mistakes)
  • How to build a strong, injury-proof body
  • What you need to do to fuel your body and keep it healthy as you begin to run more
  • How you can continue to enjoy logging miles for months and years to come

Wondering who you will be learning from? Why the experts of course: Budd Coates and Meghan Kita.

Budd Coates is Runner’s World’s training director, as well as the senior director of Employee Fitness and Health for all of Rodale, Inc.

I had the pleasure of meeting Budd the past two years during Runner's World Half & Festival. Want to know his claim to fame? It's pretty freakin' sweet.

Coates, a four-time marathon winner, has run multiple 2:13 marathons and is one of fewer than 35 people in recorded history who have run sub-three hour marathons in five different decades. He was the first American to win the Bermuda Marathon (2:18) and qualified for the U.S. Marathon Olympic Trials four times: 1984 (2:18.55, 24th place); 1988 (2:25.45, 40th place); 1992 (DNF) and 1996 (2:17.26, 16th place). 

How freakin' amazing is that? I mean WOW! I was and still am in awe.

Meghan Kita, who I also met at the RWHalf weekend. is Runner's World's training editor. Kita oversees all the training-related editorial content that runs in the magazine and is an RRCA-certified coach. She has run 17 marathons with a personal best of 3:34:53 and countless shorter races. 

How fantastic would it be to learn from these two amazing athletes?

If you've been dreaming of taking up the sport that helps millions of people be the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves, it's time to join them. 

The plan will be available starting Jan 1, but you can pre-order today! Take advantage of the sweet deal of $9.99. Want to make it even sweeter? 

Use code RODALEFRIENDS for 20% off.

Making this 21-day course just $7.99!

With this 21-day challenge, the experts at BICYCLING will help you make cycling as natural a part of your daily routine as brushing your teeth. Every day over the course of this 21-day program, you’ll get practical and easy-to-execute advice about how to get rolling faster, find more time to ride, take care of your bike, and stay motivated for the long haul. You’ll also get bits of inspiration we’re calling The Push—because some days, we all just need a little help getting out the door. Finally, you’ll gain access to our forums, where you can share your experiences and lessons with other #RideStreak participants.

This program is aimed at cyclists of all disciplines—road, mountain, or town—and any level of experience. Wherever you’re starting from, we can guarantee two things: When you’re done with your #RideStreak, you will be a better cyclist—and your life will be substantially more awesome.

The plan will be available starting Jan 1, but you can pre-order today! Take advantage of the sweet deal of $9.99. Want to make it even sweeter? 

Use code RODALEFRIENDS for 20% off.

Making this 21-day course just $7.99!

Interested in checking out more than one challenge?

The more the merrier for you and your wallet. ;) But don't forget:

Use code RODALEFRIENDS for 20% off.