Want To Be An Ambassador For Two Awesome Groups? Check Out The Applications!

I've had the honor of being an ambassador for some pretty amazing groups. It is a privilege to represent companies and races I love so much. I make sure to align myself in people and products that I 100% believe in. Because you know I ain't got time for lyin'!

There are two sweet companies opening up their ambassador applications for the 2016 season! Check 'em out and join the cool kids. 

1) Sparkly Soul

I have been part of the Sparkly Soul ambassador group since 2013. The group is full of motivating, inspiring and sparkly people from all over the world and in all areas of fitness and wellness.

Since my first review of Sparkly Soul back in December 2011, I don't think there has been a day gone by where I wasn't wearing one. Some may call it an obsession, I just call it smart fashion sense. They are versatile: go from work to workout, cover up those greys, make it look like you did your hair when you really did, tame the mane, etc. 

Here's how to apply (deadline is December 15):

You have been waiting for it ... Coming soon in 2016 - We will be welcoming a Class of 2016 Sparkly Soul Ambassadors joining all our current incredible Sparkly Soul Ambassadors (http://sparklysoulblog.com/ambassadors-2/)
Don't forget to get your applications in if you haven't already (if you have applied in the past, we have your information on file.) The deadline to apply is December 15, 2015. Click here to apply and to see all the deets about the Ambassador Program: http://fs16.formsite.com/sparklysoulinc/form1/index.html
Share the Ambassador Application link and deadline with hashtag ‪#‎sparklysoulClassof2016‬ to encourage your friends and any inspirational sparkly people to apply before December 15, 2015! Our current Ambassadors are the best and sparkliest people we know and we appreciate having them as part of our Sparkly Soul family. The Class of 2016 Ambassadors will be announced in the beginning of 2016.

2) Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series aka Team #RockNBlog

I don't think it's a secret that I am a big fan of the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series. I've been a rockin' and rollin' around the US since August 2011. It was my first half marathon after having back surgery! 

What does the Rock ‘n’ Blog team do?
Rock ‘n’ Blog members are part of the team for one year and their goal is to get everyone as pumped about running Rock ‘n’ Roll events as they are. From letting you know what the latest and greatest news is, hosting tweet-ups, to that high five at the finish line. The Rock ‘n’ Roll experience is about more than just race weekend and Rock ‘n’ Blog members are there every step of the way!

This year the #RockNBlog team members received a 3-pack tour pass, access to the VIP tent at one race, as well as, sweet swag from sponsors. Plus a ton of laughs, smiles, selfies and bling! 

Click the link below to apply (deadline is December 9 at 11:59pm PT):


PS Use code IRISHEYES1982 to get $15 off the half or full in Arizona, New Orleans or DC in 2016!! Tell your friends!

My fingers are crossed that I ... and you ... get selected! :)