I Went Out Of My Comfort Zone & Put My Name In The Runner's World Cover Model Search

Ahhh what the hell was I thinking? Oh that's right I wasn't thinking. I wasn't thinking because if I was my logical portion of the brain or the "then me" would've taken over.

You aren't fit enough. You don't run enough. You aren't fast enough. You aren't cool enough. 

You aren't enough...

... to appear on the cover of Runner's World!

Well "then me"... YOU'RE WRONG!!

Since I have this fascination with proving myself wrong, I entered the Runner's World Cover Search. That's right - ME!

I needed to prove to myself that I was confident in myself to even enter. I had to show myself I was worthy of the entry.

Now whatever happens from here will happen.

I would love to appear on the cover of freakin' Runner's World. I would love to share my journey. I would love to pass this picture a reality.

Haha! Okay maybe not this exact pose, but it's funny. :P

I really want to celebrate and share how fun running can be and that runners come in all shapes in sizes.

So if you think I am worthy of being on the cover of Runner's World - please vote here. You can vote daily through July 22.

Thank you all for your support and if it happens - I'll be sure to autograph your copy! ;)