Three Things Thursday: Post-Back Surgery Comparison, Leaping & A Womans Only Sprint Tri

How the heck is it Thursday? I ask that because in the middle of my Weight Watchers meeting this morning I loudly said something about it being Wednesday then the whole room corrected me. Later in the afternoon I asked for a dog washing appointment for my pup for tomorrow then corrected the girl when she said tomorrow was Friday. I said it would be Saturday.

Ummm can we still blame this confusion on Ragnar? I'm saying #VanBrain and going with it.

Since I feel all over the place this week, I figured Three Things Thursday should work the same way.

Let's Do This!

1) Post-Back Surgery Running Anniversary...

...takes place June 5! Well June 5 is the first race I took part in after being cleared to work out after my microdiscectomy (Run For The Zoo 5k). 

Thanks to TimeHop I was reminded of this today so I thought it was time to break out a little comparison picture.

2011 vs. 2015

This comparison isn't about my weight loss or how I've physically changed thanks to running, but how my appreciation for my health and the pride I feel every time I lace up my sneakers has grown.

When I was laid up from my surgery, my wife decided she wanted to pick up running. I had no thought about running until she wanted to start. Competitive much? Pair that with the doctor telling me I won't run again and I was a girl on a mission.

I can now say since June 2011, I've completed 27 half marathons, 7 full marathons, 4 sprint triathlons and 1 half ironman. I don't say this to brag or boast, but to remind myself how far I've truly come since during recovery when I battled to run 1-consecutive mile without pain.

I never take a run for granted and am thankful each and every day that I am healthily enough to run for those that can't!

2) Leaping Through Races

So I am not sure where my recent love of leaping during races or over Finish Lines came from, but I am liking it.

I see the photog and just go for it. I was so happy the Ragnar photog nabbed this one above that I high-fived him afterwards.

I am proud to see how much air I can get!

But I think it is time to work on the corresponding facial expressions! :P

3) Womans Only Sprint Triathlon

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Happy Friday Eve!