Face It Friday: A Large Gain, A Reality Check & Motivation

I thought about hiding away from the scale. I feel like a broken record, but I have been struggling recently to find my mojo. I would really like to know where it is hiding. Have you seen it?

Clearly I have the activity part in check...

... but the food portion has been tough. Why? Because I have been a lazy emotional wreck when making choices. There is no one to blame but myself. I am the one bringing chips in the house under the guise that I can "have on serving." Well one serving is turning into 3 servings. But I say to myself "you are weighing and measuring it so that's okay." Ummmm no self. Just no.

So it is time to kick my own booty back into gear. Today is a fresh start.

So last night before going to bed, I pulled up my big girl panties and set my alarm for weigh-in. I wasn't going to make it to a center due to personal coaching calls so I weighed in at home.


It was ugly! Oof! I was expecting a gain (this was 4.4 pounds since my last weigh-in which was May 1). So 4.4 pounds gained in 2 weeks. NOT OKAY self. NOT OKAY.

I am still within my Lifetime free range, which is 153-157.

Well tracker I would love to look back and seewhat happened, but I didn't track. Ohhhh that's why we track. To have something to look back on and learn from? Riiigghhhttt!!! Again something I know, but ignored the past couple of weeks.

Now I know I had extenuating circumstances this past weekend of living off van food during Ragnar Relay and using that awesome experience as an excuse to indulge. But I still had control on what I brought into the van. We live and learn, right?

But I had wanted to get back to tracking and back on plan on Monday... and that didn't happen. I was over-tired, busy at work and driving the Excuse train. Nothing but excuses and I own that.

My body is revolting from the poor choices and that is the reality check I needed. I am proud of listening to my body and not ignoring the clear warning signs it was giving me to make a change.

So this week I will be sensing my tracker nightly to my friend and fellow Weight Watchers leader Susan. She is in the same boat of wanting to get back to tracking so we will be there to support each other.

Additionally I will be attending the Saturday 8am meeting tomorrow for an extra shot of inspiration!

If there is anything I've learned through this healthy-living journey is motivation needs to be refilled daily!

So what will I use this week for daily motivation?

My Momentum Jewelry bracelets. I am going to put my "Believe In Yourself" bracelet on my dominant hand - right hand - so that I can see it every time I grab for any food or beverage. I really think that visual image will help catch my eye!

If you want to check out Momentum Jewelry, use this link to get 10% off your order.

How do you rebound after a gain?