Weekend Wrap-Up: RAGNAR, Radio Interview & #RWCoverSearch

The weekend of a lifetime. Yes yes I know I've been saying that a lot recently. But seriously. I cannot believe these amazing adventures are a part of my life. A ridiculously amazing honor... and all because I took the first step five years ago to change my life.

So what did this weekend hold? Addition of 11 new folks into my family, laughs, lack of sleep and peanut M&Ms.

The adventure began early Friday morning. I mean early. Like we left the house at 2:50am to meet the team by 3:30am. Oh yeah the team. I was meeting my Ragnar Relay teammates the morning of the race. Nothing like the fear that people won't like you when you have to meet them 1 hour before the race starts then be in a van with them for like 36 hours. <<Fingers Crossed>> It'd all work out.

Thankfully as soon as I walked into the house I knew the weekend would be a blast! The hugs and laughs were flying immediately. It really put me at ease.

We loaded up the vans and headed to the start area... which had a decent view. I guess. ;)

After checking off the safety portion and getting all our t-shirts and gear, we headed to the Start area. Our crew kicked off at 5:30am!

I will be breaking down the details of the Ragnar experience in separate blog posts, but let me share some of the pictures here.

Our vans were super popular among the teams and we couldn't be happier. It was wicked cool to share our stories with other runners. 

Our van combined to shed 765 pounds.

It was awesome to put that big check mark next to my name after each leg.

My final Ragnar Relay Series stats:

Leg 1: 4.06 - 31:44 (7:50 pace)
Leg 2: 3.92 - 30:36 (7:48 pace)
Leg 3: 5.68 - 44:17 (7:48 pace)

Total: 13.66 miles ... 1:46:37 of running

I will always remember the countless trips to Dunkin Donuts for both coffee, donuts and a place to take a "shower" aka using a Showerpill in their bathroom.

#DaniRunsOnDunkin #Van1RunsOnDunkin

I also loved running into so many of my Tedy's Team teammates along the way. I missed some, but was happy to see those folks that I did.

There were also many other friends spotted along the way, but I failed at snapping pics with everyone. I know I am hanging my head in shame. ;)

And the selfies. How could I forget about the selfies!

Last, but certainly not least - there's the bling!

Thank you to these amazing 11 people for going from Strangers to Family in 36 hours. No one will ever understand the true bond formed during this adventure. We never say goodbye... but see you later!

Before Ragnar began I did a phone interview with the 103.3 AMP radio station. I was chosen as the "Badass Chick of the Week" and they aired the interview on Friday at 7:20am. Since I was in the middle of Ragnar and not focusing, I missed hearing it live. BUT they did send me a link to it.

Listen HERE!

Despite sleep deprivation, I was wicked excited to run the MOMs Run 5k on Sunday for the 4th-consecutive year.

I had no idea what the legs would produce, but the gauntlet had been thrown to try and beat my teammate's Don's 5k time from Ragnar. His second leg was a 5k, which he finished in 23:00.

So what did I post...

... a freakin' 22:02. Say wha??? I was shocked. Also kind of angry since I was 3 seconds from a PR. GAH!!!

To top off that craziness, I also placed second in my age group. AAHHHH!!!!

While I am still riding a high from this past weekend, I am going to get to recapping all of the fun in more depth. But before I do that I am asking again for your vote in the #RWCoverSearch. I would LOVE to share my story on the cover of Runner's World and can make that happen with your votes. You can vote daily through July 22nd.