Sunday Funday: Cape Cod Edition

Hi All! I am reporting in from the new Weight Off My Shoulders HQ!

HA! I wish... a girl can dream. Nope this is just a weekend break from the city and it is a much-needed recharge for my battery.

I really didn't know how much I needed this break from reality until I got here. Okay I am still doing a ton of work from here, but with that view - it is definitely a lot easier to get it done. That's fo sho! (I am wicked cool, huh?)

My original Sunday morning plan called for a 8-10 mile run along the Cape Cod Canal. But "training plans" are made to be tweaked. 

Instead of a long run, I decided to use that time to take a 90-minute yoga class taught by my friend and fellow blogger Danielle of Live, Run, Grow on the beach. As I am not a regular yogi by any means, I was nervous to jump on a 90-minute class. Danielle assured me that I would be fine and that the beach vibe really what separated this yoga class from any others I may've taken before.

Okay twist my arm. For $18 I was willing to give it a try... as long as I could bring some post-yoga mimosas with me. :)

My dad opted to take the 20-minute drive from Sandwich to Mashpee for the class. While he has taken some broga (yoga for men) in the past, he wasn't up for beach yoga this morning. While I yoga-ed, he enjoyed some coffee on the beach and caught up on his book. Relaxation for all.

We got to the spot (the beach in front of Popponesset Inn), saw Danielle, paid, signed in and grabbed the necessary tools (blanket, yoga mat, block, strap). Danielle provided all of the tools needed for the class!

Now this was seriously a sweet spot to spend my morning.

Before we started I had the opportunity to meet my Instagram friend Kate (@Katezilla18). I'm not sure how we started following each other, but it is always great to meet a social media friend IRL (in real life)! She was taking the class with her mom. #Adorable

It was time to start the yoga. I took a deep breathe and tried to open my mind to the joy of yoga. As I mentioned before I am not a yogi and usually have a hard time focusing during practice.

Thankfully Danielle took this class and used it to stretch us out. Oh boy did this runner need some stretching. There were modifications offered for all moves and the group of 12 featured ladies of all ages and athletic abilities. 

Photo Courtesy of: Live, Run, Grow 

Photo Courtesy of: Live, Run, Grow 

See I am wicked good at yoga... okay I am good at sitting and breathing. Sort of.

I will definitely be back to beach yoga and am even throwing around the idea of attending one of her SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) yoga classes!! I think the Cape Cod air is doing something to me... ;)

Once the class was over it was time for some post-yoga mimosas, yes it was BYOM (Bring Your Own Mimosas) as I rolled up to the class with a cooler of mini OJs and a brown paper bag of champagne. Solo cups were a given. I am the epitomy of klass.

After a little catch-up session, it was time to bid farewell until the next Cape meet-up with Danielle and her husband.

My dad and I headed back to the trailer so he could head back to Boston and I could get a little run in before lunch. Of course Laney (youngest pup) had me playing ball in the pond as soon as my running clothes were on. So I was a little sidetracked.

Luckily the wife distracted her long enough for me to get in a quick 2.9 mile run to mark Day 254 of my #WOMSStreak run streak and put my 2015 mileage at 874!

It was hot and muggy, but the miles weren't going to run themselves. Plus I had to make up for not doing my long run (a little) earlier in the morning. Looks like I have some miles to make up tomorrow.

After my run, the wife and I took the 30-minute drive to Falmouth to enjoy lunch at Quarterdeck. I had a salad wrap and she enjoyed her second Lobster Roll of the season.

Now back at the trailer, it is time to soak up the last bit of the weekend, grill out a little bit and savor the quiet before we head back home early early early tomorrow morning.

What's been the highlight of your Sunday Funday?