Falmouth Road Race Weekend Is HERE ... Plus A Fundraising Goal!

The Falmouth Road Race is one of the most historic races in New England, in the US and even Internationally. Yes runners do in fact come from around the world to that little town of Falmouth on the Cape to run a gorgeous 7-mile race.

I am wicked excited to toe the line for my third Falmouth Road Race on Sunday and second-consecutive with Tedy's Team

This year I will have the pleasure of running with two of the greatest people I get to call friends: Page and Dan

YYAAYY I cannot wait. 

Goals for this race are simple:

1) Have Fun
2) Take lots of selfies - DUH! ;)
3) Honor our Stroke Heroes
4) Raise awareness about Stroke

There is no time goal - at least for me - for this run. I want to soak up the beautiful views along the course and enjoy the company. 

The first three miles of the course are more rolling hills and offer more shade than the final 4. This is always something to take into account when planning the race strategy in terms of pacing. So far the weather reports are showing a hot and humid day. Oh hey August. Here's hoping we get a bit of a wind off the water. Tailwind of course!! *Fingers Crossed*

With Falmouth being a point to point race we will have an early wake-up call to get to the area with the shuttle buses. If you are running this year, I highly recommend storing your stuff with The Mobile Locker Co. Molly and her team do a great job transporting your stuff from the shuttle area to the Finish. It's also wicked safe. I've used the service at every race it's offered at.

Check out the Mobile Locker Deal Here!

Note: I am not sponsored by Molly at all, I just really believe in her business and love supporting a local small-business owner. Plus she is super nice! :)

Now the reason why I run with Tedy's Team, as many of you may know, is in honor of my Stroke Heroes - both of my grandparents on my mom's side and my Father-in-Law. I have raised $23,485 since joining the team in 2013. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to hit $25,000!! 

Here's the deal! I turn 33 in 33 days and am $1,515 away from hitting that $25k goal. I would really appreciate a donation in honor of my or your own Stroke Heroes. 

If you would like to sponsor a mile of the Falmouth race, you can decide what I will do during that mile - certain funny selfie, make a video, Periscope, *almost* whatever! ;)

Sound up your alley? Feel free to donate here and claim your mile in the comments below!

Mile 1 - Frugal Beautiful
Mile 2 -
Mile 3 -
Mile 4 -
Mile 5 -
Mile 6 -
Mile 7 -

So will Tedy and I see you at Falmouth on Sunday?