The Latest And Greatest Facebook Tip!!

Do you miss seeing your favorite Facebook pages in your newsfeed?

Facebook is playing around with the algorithms all the time and as a result hiding the free fan pages. Unless I pay money to promote my posts. Unfortunately I don't roll that deep in the money department. :P

Soooo I found out today thanks to some Fit Approach sisters that you can actually bump up your favorite bloggers, celebs and companies in your newsfeed by following these steps:

Step One: Go on to the Fan Page you would like to see more of - for example Weight Off My Shoulders

Step Two: Hover your cursor over the Following or Liked button (depends on your Facebook settings)

Step Three: Select "See First"

Step Four: Enjoy a newsfeed full of funny cat pictures, inspiring weight loss stories and selfies

Now go and enjoy the Facebook feed of your dreams! :)