But What IS My Marathon Goal?

When I decided on my Fall marathon back in February, I had one goal: to claim my second sub-4 marathon. I PRed the Rock 'n' Roll Savannah Full in November 2012.

Over the past three years, I have become a stronger person and a smarter runner. Or at least I tell myself that I have. ;)

Bbbuuttt what is my exact marathon goal?

What am I truly capable of?

How do I figure out a time that is both motivating, frightening and attainable all at once?

I've been at a loss for how to nail down the perfect goal target.

So I did what anyone would ... I turned to google. ;)

I then came across McMillan Running's Race Times calculator.

I can handle following directions - sometimes. I opted to input some recent 5k race times to see what the calculator would produce.

First I went with my current 5k PR which I set in June - 21:46.

Wooaaahhh!!! That would be a BQ caliber marathon time right there.

Second I opted to use my most recent 5k time - 22:50.

Well that would still be a 16-plus minute PR.

Sooo I did the little activity and I am still no closer to determining a goal time. I am caught in this battle between my self-confidence and my self-doubt.

If I say anything faster than my current PR (3:58), it just seems so out of my reach and far fetched. But that happens with a lot of my race times. I baffle myself on the regular with the paces my body is able to produce.

Sunday's long run

Sunday's long run

So why can't I bite the bullet and shoot for the stars? 

I want to actually go into this marathon with a game plan. If you haven't picked up on this, I usually go in and wing it. ;) I mainly focus on the people I am with, the spectators or the cause I am running for.

RnR Savannah will be all about what I want. This is my race for that taking.

Looking at my race schedule I still have 11 races between me and this marathon. I am still recooping my right hamstring with physical therapy. I am still my own worst enemy.

I am still hiding behind the fear of reaching for what feels like an unreachable.

I think I could push for a 3:45. I know I could try for a 3:45.

But how can one truly base a marathon time on a 5k? Ahhh I have to get out of my own way sometimes.

So let's recap: I have scary goal times out there and I am frightened to pull the trigger and let people down. 

That's the core my friends. I don't want to set my sights too high and FAIL.

Ugh I write that and I am mad at myself. I don't FAIL if I try. I FAIL if I hide within my comfort zone and wory about the shoula, coulda, wouldas.

Damn you inner self-doubt! Damn you!

Alright, time to pull up my big girl Sparkle Athletic skirt and spend some time this week nailing this down.

You all are here to hold me to it!


How do you choose your race goal time? Have you used this calculator before?