Friday Five: Update Time - Car, Dog, Hair & Virtual Races!

Oh hey! Did you forget about me? My name is Dani and I use this little slice of the internet to share my journey. Sometimes I get distracted by something shiny or a nap and forget to post. Well that happened this past week. 

It's time to do a quick update:

1) When I left you last, the wife & I were dealing with my poor little Jinxie (my car). She died three times since July. Boo! Now Jinxie and I have been together for over 11 years and apparently it is time to part ways. :( Seriously this is waaayyy harder for me than I thought it would be. Jinxie has been my longest relationship & we have been through some big moves together. I remember picking her up about a week after graduating from Tufts.

She was the car I dreamed about for years. Yes I was the kid wanting a grey Jetta. Don't judge! :P But I finally had my dream car. Now it is time to say good bye. I can't sink any more money into her and it is time to get something I can consider "our" car.


After hours of online searching and test drives, we have set our sights on a Mazda CX-5. It seems reliable, but has a little zip. Plus it will fit the wife's hockey equipment in the back. :) Priorities. Am I right? ;)

We are going car shopping again after the ZOOMA Cape Cod half tomorrow so we will see what happens. *Fingers Crossed*

2) While dealing with car trouble, apparently our pups felt left out and both ended up in the ER in July. It seems like Molly has re-cooperated since her trip in. We think it was a one-time seizure. 

Laney on the other hand has been a battle. We have ended up in the ER three times with her since July, but thankfully we now have an answer.

Sweet text from Angell Memorial when Laney had to stay overnight in July

Sweet text from Angell Memorial when Laney had to stay overnight in July

She has officially been diagnosed with Addison's Disease.

Now that we have a diagnosis, we have a treatment plan in place. She will take a daily dose of prednisone and get a monthly DOCP shot to keep her sodium and potassium levels in check.

So happy to have answers and a plan going forward. :)

3) With the dogs and car in check, I have an update on my journey to donate my hair. I have been growing it out for what seems like ever. I don't want to complain about it because I know how many others wish they had this "problem." But I am ready to cut it. :)

I will be donating my hair to Children With Hair Loss. I need at least 8 inches to make a donation. Ahhh! The downside with curly hair is you have to wait even extra to make sure I have enough hair left that when it is dry and curly I can still put it up in a ponytail. I am really hoping I can chop it off soon, but I am making sure I have enough hair for a deserving child.

Pic snapped Wednesday night

Pic snapped Wednesday night

Boy finding a charity to donate to has been tough. Some charge their clients. Some won't take dyed hair. Some need minimum 12 inches.

I chose CWHL because they do NOT charge their clients (people under 21), require minimum 8 inches of hair & accept grey or dyed hair!

I'm really excited to impact someone's life with this donation! :)

4) There is still time for take part in the virtual 9/11 Challenge ... but not much!! This amazing opportunity ends September 30 (Wednesday)!

There are two virtual options available (both $30 donation):

Run 9/11 Challenge: 20 miles. 2 Days. 1 Cause. Run Nine/Eleven is a challenge to run nine miles on day one and 11 miles on day two. 

Run Freedom 5k: The Run Nine/Eleven Freedom 5k continues a tradition started by American military bases around the world that run/walk a 5k on the anniversary of 9/11. 

100% of proceeds from this event go to Operation: Care and Comfort

For this virtual race, the entire distance must be done at once. So if you are not ready to run/walk 9 or 11 miles, I would recommend signing up for the 5k. 

You will submit your proof of time on the website once you have completed your race. Be sure to use #run911 in all of your social media posts about the event.

Medals will be mailed out the week race registration concludes (end of the month) and can take up to 2-3 weeks via USPS standard shipping methods. So look for your mid to late October.

Interested in signing up? You can register HERE. Use discount code PAVEY5 for $5 off registration.

Again, registration closes September 30.

5) The Virtual Pug Run has one of the cutest medals around! There are about 100 left and you do NOT want to miss out on claiming yours.

100% of the proceeds from The Virtual Pug Run benefit the Northern Illinois Pug Rescue! I had no idea it costs thousands of dollars to get a rescued pub rehabilitated and adopted. The NIPR absorbs most of those costs.

So if you are interested in supporting these adorable pugs, please choose your distance (1 mile, 5k or 10k) and register HERE ($28 donation).

Again registration closes October 1.

Oh boy that was a LOT of updating, but man it feels good. I am making a promise to myself to get in a better blogging schedule as I still have to share some job news as well as a Reach The Beach update. I had a freakin' blast with the #NBGirlsRunBeta ladies thanks to New Balance. So much to share so much internet space to do it. :P

Tell me one update you have!!