Let Me Let Me Let Me Update Ya... *Insert Beyonce Type Dance Move*

On Twitter this week, I alluded to a major announcement. Did anyone catch that? I was really subtle about it I know.

So you might not have picked up on what I was laying down, but now you will.

I wanted to make sure that my Weight Watchers members and Personal Coaching clients heard the news from me in person/over the phone before reading it here. (Hi Folks!!)

I let them know this week that I will be taking a break from consistently leading Weight Watchers meetings because....

I was offered a new gig!

Yay! Wahoo! 

I have taken a job with Pegasystems in Cambridge, Ma. Their HQ is less than 3 miles from my house, which will be one sweet commute. I think I might even try to ride my sweet new Beach Cruiser bike there if possible. 

I am excited to take on a new challenge that will use the skills I have learned through being a Weight Watchers leader and coach.

As I shared with my members this doesn't mean they are getting rid of. Far from it. It just means I won't be in the meeting room right now. I will be around to sub meetings, but trying out these "normal business hours" folks tell me about. :P 

I will also be figuring out when/how to fit Personal Coaching back into my schedule since many of my current hours are during the work day.

The new gig will be starting on October 5 and I think my friends are more excited than I am to take me shopping for some new business casual clothes that fit!

Now I know I had trouble controlling my food journey when I tried the office life last year. This year is different. I am in a much better mental state and I have learned from the past. I have my arsenal of ideas (which I will share with you all after I start) and am ready to take on this adventure. I worked more hours when I was losing my weight while working for the Cubs - this will never be as tough as that was. I got this! 

So thanks for all of the support! Change is tough, but it makes us stronger and better people.

Now to spend the next week soaking up the awesomeness my members have to offer in the meeting room! :)