Face It Friday: An Expected Gain, Refocusing & Food Finds

Well if you tune into the blog on the regular you might've noticed a lack of #FaceItFriday posts over the last month.

If you don't frequent the blog often... feel free to disregard the first sentence! ;)

Over the last month, I fell off the wagon I had gotten back on and was constantly missing the weigh-ins. AKA avoiding. AKA coming up with excuses. AKA doing the one thing I HATE.

For years I have worked on the messaging to my Weight Watchers members - and myself - that the scale is just one part of the journey and it really is just a number.

But the past month I had regressed and slid back down my dark path. How did I know? Because I stopped blogging about it, wasn't sharing about my progress and stuffing my feelings with emotional eating.

Sometimes I really wish I could snap my fingers and not struggle with emotional eating. But that isn't reality and I fight everyday to conquer it.

When the Shape Magazine article came out online, it was my wake-up call. I am 15-ish pounds over goal and not happy about it.

Sure it shows the struggle of weight maintenance, but it really just hit me in the face with my pure laziness for cooking and healthy choices.

As always no one to blame but myself.

After returning back from Disneyland and being disgusted with how I looked in pictures and felt in my clothes, it was time to get #Back2Basics.

I have set a goal. I want to be back at goal (153-157 range) by the time the wife and I head to Disney World for the #DarkSideChallenge. We leave April 14, which gives me approximately three months to shed 15 pounds, which breaks down to 5 lbs a month, which is little over 1 lb a week. Which we all know is within the guidelines of healthy weight loss with Weight Watchers.

(Also how many times can I use which in one sentence? A lot. Apparently.)

On Friday (1/22), I took back control and faced the scale. It read 172.1. Okay. I'd seen worse. I'd seen better. 

The good thing? I got off the scale and didn't break down. There was no mental beat-up session. There was no emotional eating. 

I took the number as what it was, processed it and went about my day.

Progress my friends.

Highest Weight: 235
Starting Weight at WW: 217.4
Goal Weight: 155
Lifetime Range: 153-157
Happy Weight: in 150s
Current Weight: 172.1

I tell you this is a constant struggle for me. To keep myself positively motivated and keeping the emotional aspect of this journey in check.

The negative committee in my head has been dulled over the years, but if I am feeling inadequate or unhappy or frustrated with myself - it can return stronger and tougher than ever in a blink of an eye.

So I work. Each and every day to shut it away and focus on the positive.

Like many it is so easy for me to spread the positive light on my friends, family and blog readers. But for myself I still struggle.

As long as I keep working on it - I am succeeding.

Day 1 - was a success. I tracked. I weighed. I measured. I got back to my nightly core work. I drank my water. I focused on how this food decision would make me feel.

Most importantly: I stayed positive.

The wife made a delicious dinner (9 SP): grilled chicken (6oz = 4 SP), broccoli (2 cups = 0 SP) and couscous (1 cup = 5 SP). It was filling and yummy.

It felt great to end a day feeling happy with all of the choices made.

One day - one choice - can turn easily turn your attitude around. Am I right?

Today we meal planned and hit up the grocery store. Here are my two new-to-me finds:

Arctic Zero ice cream (1 cup = 3 SP) and Van's waffles (2 waffles = 4 SP)!

Have you tried either before?

Since this space is my safe space - my accountability when I have no other place to turn, I promise to you all that I will be post more consistently. That is my goal for 2016! I have said it here and I hope you keep me to it. If you need the accountability as well, please feel free to leave your goals here. This is a place to build each other up!