#MotivationMonday: Sharing My Story On Shape Magazine's Website

There's very little that can match the moment when you get a notification alerting you to the fact that your story has been published on a magazine's website.

ME? Little old me.

Why yes it was me.

Let me back it on up.

In September, I completed the Reach The Beach relay with Team New Balance (#NBGirlsRunBeta). As part of our team was Kylie, an assistant web editor at Shape Magazine. Kylie and I chatted over the 36 hours in a van and she was surprised I hadn't shared my story with Shape before. I politely said: "No, but I would love to."

Well flash forward to December where I had forgotten about our conversation. It was then that I received a special text from Kylie asking if I was interested in sharing my story. 

Wow! It was actually going to happen.

She and I chatted one afternoon. I shared about my journey through weight loss and fitness. She followed up asking for clarification on my first post-back surgery races, photos, etc.

It was just after the New Year when she said the article would be published shortly. Sweet. I was on the edge of my seat waiting for a note from her telling me when it would go live.

But before any email was received... that notification I mentioned above came through.


Right after I saw the tweet, Kylie texted me that it went live. Haha. :) 

I was so caught off guard that I just started crying. I couldn't believe it.

I was on a famous magazine's website - sharing the ups and downs of my journey. I NEVER thought I would share the lows - the eating disorders - with anyone. But it truly has been one of the most life-changing experiences. I share to help lift the weight off my shoulders (get it?), but to also let others know they are not alone. I am here to listen and to commiserate. 

Read Story HERE!

I never thought I would be so open about my struggles, but it's paid off dividends once I did. Thank you to all of my friends who has been there along the way and to the new ones I've met through this blog.

Extra thanks to the wife who has always been by my side and encouraged me to start the blog.

I seriously cannot thank you all enough for the support and continued motivation. You each inspire me to be a better person!

Read Story HERE!