RECAP: Gone For A Run's Four Magical Miles *Virtual* 4-Miler

Disclaimer: I did receive comped entry to the race for being a Gone For A Run ambassador, but all thoughts are my own. Ain't nobody got time for lyin'!

Tutu? Check!

Treadmill? Check!

NCIS on Netflix? Check!

With my race check-list complete, I was ready to tackle Gone For A Run's Four Magical Miles virtual race on Sunday morning. 

Gone For A Run mailed the swag ($30 value) - a pair of knee socks, touchscreen gloves, authentic race bib and a large glittery magical miles medal - out ahead of the race completion window (Jan 21-24).


I loved having the medal in hand before tackling the run so I could have my wife put it on me when I finished. Yes I like to replicate the race experience. ;)

In addition to the race packet, Gone For A Run let me test out the tutu as well. :) The Gone For A Run tutus are made of 3 layer of lightweight tulle with a comfortable rouched waistband. It was a little poofy, but that is how tutus work. :P I am used to my Sparkle Athletic skirts which fall tighter to the body.

I put on my race bib, readjusted my tutu, placed my Finisher's medal in the cup holder of the treadmill and got to work.

Since this was a training run, I wasn't focused on pushing pace, but keeping the miles steady. My treadmill has the capability of mimicking both an uphill and a downhill, which is freakin' sweet. So I broke out some rolling hills because I live in New England and why not. Right?

The tutu was a fun way to jazz up the treadmill run. It didn't ride up, which I was worried about. Plus, the stars were such a cute little touch. It definitely made me feel like a princess.

I took a quick water and potty break half way through. Hey! I like to recreate actual race atmosphere. And you know I like a good port-o-potty stop mid-race. :P This time I was able to use a regular bathroom - which is not always the way on an actual course. 

Once I was back on the treadmill, I was sucked back into my NCIS episode. It is one of the best part of my treadmill - the built in TV. We have a Roku attached, giving us access to Netflix and Hulu. I am currently working my way through NCIS from Episode 1. I am currently half way through Season 6. Helllooo lots of treadmill hours. 

Before I knew it, the four miles were over.

FINAL TIME: 34:06 (8:32 min/mile pace)

How pretty is that medal? It made me reminisce about the Run Disney Princess race weekend we participated in last February.

If you are looking for a tutu, I would highly recommend this one from Gone For A Run. It felt sturdy and as I said it didn't ride up. HUGE plus. Now I am more of a Sparkle Athletic skirt girl as I said, but if you are in a tutu mood - this is great. The last time I wore a tutu, we made it from scratch. It was fun, but not sure I could go through all that work again. :P

After the wife put the medal over my head, I made my way to the virtual race medal rack.

Yes I do have an entire medal rack dedicated to virtual races. What? I like bling and I like helping out a good cause.

The Four Magical Miles race benefited to Give Kids The World. Give Kids The World Village is a 79-acre, nonprofit resort in Central Florida that provides week long, cost-free vacations to children with life-threatening illnesses and their families. 

So if you are in the hunt for a virtual race, be sure to check out the entire Gone For A Run virtual race series. The swag is sweet and always arrives on time!

Net up? Kiss Me I'm A Runner Virtual 5k (March 17-23). Hurry and register before they sell out!