Face It Friday: A Loss & An Open Mind

Last week was one of the best weeks I've had food-wise in ages. It included indulgences - hello tater tots - booze, weighing, measuring, tracking, fruits, veggies and home cooking!

There was that little word known as... Balance!

At no point in my week did I feel deprived. Okay there were a couple of times I would've liked another beer or a second serving of Popchips, but I had at least once so the craving was met. I just may not have had as much as I might've wanted.

There is a difference.

What made me feel good this week:

  • Limiting booze to one day
  • Weighing and measuring all of my food and beverages
  • Starting each day by writing out a food game plan on a post-it note and using it as an outline for the day
  • Hitting at least 100 ounces of water each day
  • Sitting down with my wife and planning out what we would be making - even if only a day or two at a time
  • Going to the grocery store at 7am so I was able to get in for what I needed and out before any rogue food ended up in my cart
  • Surpassing my 10,000 steps goal each day
  • Attending my first WW meeting as a member in ages. It was great to find a group where I hadn't led/subbed
Screenshot from Thursday night

Screenshot from Thursday night

But the biggest help? My wife is now working on her own weight loss journey. She is counting calories on My Fitness Pal. 

It is so nice to have someone on the same path you are. Especially when you co-habitate and share many a meal together. :)

I ended the week with -31 smart points. Now I had 171 FitPoints waiting in the wings that I didn't touch.

How did I accrue 171 FitPoints? Well I earned 48 through workouts and 129 from 128k steps on the Fitbit. I miss my Activelink which was able to take all the subjectivity out of activity for me. Aka should you add activities back in, what was my real intensity level, etc.

So this little breakdown makes me think, I can fuel back with the FitPoints from the individual workouts I enter into the app and leave my Fitbit step points there for motivation. I think that is the approach I will take this week and see what happens.

little snippet of my fitpoints page

little snippet of my fitpoints page

You have to go into any weight loss/fitness plan with an open mind. WW is not cut and dry, which I like. You can adjust and tweak to fit your lifestyle and what works for you body.

If you missed my post last week, I made the choice to track this week and not swap out FitPoints once I ran out of Weekly Points. I wanted to really break down the numbers and see how many FitPoints I was earning and how many I really need to consume to make sure my body is fueled properly.

On the old Points plan, I would use all of my Weekly Points and almost all of my Activity Points in order to see a loss at the scale. It can happen when you are moving constantly and training for a marathon at the same time. :P

So I am trying to figure out how the new plan will work for me and my lifestyle.

I would like to give the wife a shoutout. She has lost 5 lbs since we returned from Disneyland. Bravo babe! She has set her own goals to try and meet before we head to Disney World in April.

Now back to me. Okay. ;)

Friday morning is always a clean slate. I love that feeling.

I stepped on the scale and was ready to take whatever it had to offer. 


Because I was happy with my choices so the scale takes a back burner when that happens. I feel like I put more pressure on the scale when I know my week was Eh with the choices. Anyone else?

Before I got on the scale I said to myself: "You are more than a number." It really puts the act of stepping on the scale into perspective!

The results? 

Down 3 lbs!

I was super psyched to see my weight back in the 160s.

Back to where I was on Christmas. I could dwell on losing the last month, where I could've been losing, but I won't. Beating myself up over choices I did or did not make never gets me anywhere. The choices happened. They were worth it (for the most part). They will happen again.

I took the time yesterday to look back at my weight tracker to see where I went so off the rails.

Well looks like October really threw me for a loop. That was the month where I traveled three of the four weekends and switched to a desk job. They are not excuses, but observations. I had alot going on that month and my healthy goals clearly moved to the back burner.

Armed with this information, I know I need to continue working on making my new life work with my weight loss goals. I will do it. It is happening in baby steps: bringing my own lunch, planning out the interview lunches or dinners ahead of time, deciding what is really worth it or not, etc.

I have more tempting situations this upcoming week - and as always - I will take them one day at a time.