This And That: 300 Pounds And Running EBook & Spread The Love 5k

How about that for a catchy title? ;)

There are two opportunities I want to share with you all because they are being offered by two amazing friends. I love sharing my friends awesomeness!

1) Free copy of Zero to Running E-Book

My good buddy Martinus from 300 Pounds and Running has a special offer for everyone.

What is Zero to Running?

The most comprehensive beginner’s running guide out there. Martinus took all of his experiences, from weighing nearly 400 pounds to running a marathon and everything in between, all to answer this question: If he had to give one of my closest friends advice on how to start running, what would tell them?

Interested in checking it out? Click here to get the details!

2) Spread The Love *Virtual* 5k

You know I love virtual races! You know I love supporting charities! So you know I had to share the details for the Spread The Love 5k.

Eve and Jenna are both taking on the 2016 Boston Marathon for the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp and Dream Big!, respectively.

Here are the details:

We know that not EVERYONE shares our love for running. If you are one of those people, don't be scared away by this 5k! The best part of a virtual 5k is that you can walk, jog, run or even skip the distance when and wherever you like. There will be a two week time frame (February14-29) in which to complete the 5k distance. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with how long a 5k is, it is 3.1 miles or about 6,500 steps for all you FitBiters! Embrace the theme and dress up in Valentine's Day colors/clothes.

When you have completed your 5k, screenshot or take a picture of your accomplishment and post them to the event. We are in the works of getting a prize for 1st place and hope to possibly get more for second and third place. In our eyes and hearts, EVERYONE who signs up for this event is a winner and as such will receive a finisher medal in March! Most importantly, we just want everyone to have fun while helping two great charities!

The Spread the Love Virtual 5k costs $26.20 ($20 donation minus $6.20 for each medal + shipping ). Funds will be collected through PayPal which includes a place to put an address where we can mail your finisher medal!

Interested in registering? Click here!

Happy Running Everyone! :)