Hello Strength Training

Anyone that follows me on social media knows strength training is not my cup of tea! I get anxious thinking of going to the weight floor at the gym. I look at potential workout plans on Pinterest and I break out in hives. 

I don't know what is at the core of my fear of weights, but it's there. 

So when I made a last-minute trip to my PT last week (where he said I have some tendinitis in my knee), he once again stressed how important it is for me to strength train. 

Not only will it make me a better runner/triathlete, but it would help prevent injuries.

"But Dave, I swim and bike?" - Me

"But that is still all in a straight motion. You need to learn to move laterally!" - Dave

"I take step class on Monday nights" - Me

<<Blank Stare>> - Dave

It was after this altercation ;) that Dave shared how they have a morning fitness group at the studio. It is Monday-Thursday at 6am. I could try the first for free and it is $99 a month after that. With that $99 you can take as many classes as you want. Seems like a sweet dealio.

I promised Dave (owner of Boston PT Wellness) and Zak (PT/trainer) that I would give it a try this morning (Weds, 10/5). I mean it was free. 

I shot out of bed when the alarm hit 5:15am and was out the door by 5:40. Lucky that the PT is less than a mile from my house.

I was nervous, but ready for a challenge. There were two other people in the class, which was nice and not overwhelming.

Zak wrote out the plan on the whiteboard and thankfully explained everything (multiple times if needed) and was open to answering inane questions. 


I modified when I had to, but also tried to push myself out of my comfort zone as well. 

Well this next sentence will let you know how it went... 

i have a $99 charge on my credit card. 

That's right folks! I am in for a month and planning on going twice a week (Monday and Wednesday). 

So there is my declaration and I'm ready to start the next phase in Project Dani!! 

Are you nervous about strength training at all? Or am I alone?