Want To Motivate Your Friends? Join The #ShareTheSPARK Campaign!

Inspire. Motivate. Empower. Support. 


That is EXACTLY what Momentum Wraps do for me!  

During various points in my fitness and weight loss journey, I've needed a pick-me-up. I wished I had something tangible to embody the motivation I needed to push me through whatever struggle I was battling. At Weight Watchers we would call this an "anchor." 

It was during an especially tough time that I stumbled across Momentum Jewelry bracelets.


I loved the message of Momentum I jumped at the chance to become an ambassador last year. In 2017, I will enter my third year as an ambassador and I pinch myself every day for the opportunity. 

But I don't keep all of the Momentum love for myself, I love sharing the bracelets, necklaces and foot notes with friends.

My friend Susan is training for her first marathon so for her birthday recently I gave her the Own Today bracelet! 


Now I can be with her during her training runs even when I am physically somewhere else. 

Are you interested in helping spread the positive message of Momentum Jewelry? 

Take part in the #ShareTheSpark campaign. 

I gave my first #ShareTheSpark bracelet to my friend and Tuesday morning running buddy Katie. She is reclaiming her running mojo so I gave her the: NEVER Give Up bracelet. I can cheer her on from near and far when she has that on her wrist.


There are four special #ShareTheSpark wraps that can be purchased through Momentum's website for just $10 through the end of October. The four sayings are: 


Give them to friends, neighbors, co-workers or complete strangers! Anyone who YOU think could benefit from a little extra Spark.  


Be on the lookout as I have one more wrap to give away this month... 

Show me how you #ShareTheSpark by using the hashtag and tagging @MomentumJewelry in your photos!!