I Should've Said Something... It Was Technically Sexual Assault

The wife wanted to go her favorite comic book store in Davis Square in Somerville. We headed there after lunch. 

As I was following her around the store, we were looking at different games and toys and I was - of course - people watch.  

We headed near a specific game wall. There was a strange man (who gave me a strange feeling in my stomach) standing near the wall and I tried to stick close to Tori. 

The man started moving towards me and brushed himself against me. I felt something along my leg so I moved away quickly. 

The man came at me again and rubbed against my leg. As I pulled away I looked down and he had a huge boner. 



I was in such shock that I didn't say anything. I just moved away as quickly as possible. 

Before I could collect what actually happened, the man was gone. 

I told Tori what happened and she said I should've said something. But I was in such shock. 

I just can't believe that happened in broad daylight in the middle of a store with kids around. 

I wish I had said something, but even if I tried to chase after him he was long gone when we got outside the store. 

I'm not sure what I could do differently besides yell sooner, but I needed to share this story to make sure people stay alert at all times.

This is NOT okay behavior!