#OwnOctober: One Day At A Time

Setting goals or challenges for a new month aren't my strong suit. Usually one event comes up thwarting even a portion of one and I abandon everything!! 

But this month I am going to set one challenge for myself. I'm setting it as something both attainable and helpful to re-finding "me." 

My goal: post SOMETHING every single day!

As mentioned before I've been hiding from myself and others for months and I don't want that to happen again.  

Even writing two posts in the last 48 hours has made me feel happier and lighter than the last few months. There is something to taking a chance and releasing the thoughts clouding up the mind. 

So welcome to Day 1... 

Today was a perfect way to start a new month! 


I kicked off this dreary Saturday with an 8-mile run with my Slumbrew friends Frank and Monica. I really appreciate these two getting me out the door when all I wanted to do was hide in bed. ;) 

This afternoon was all about my friend Susan's birthday. She is an amazing person that I am glad Weight Watchers brought into my life. Susan chose to spend her birthday volunteering at the Greater Boston Food Bank. 


It was an awesome experience. 


We spent about 2 hours sorting through donations and throwing out expired or opened food.  


As an entire group (51 volunteers), we moved 13 palates or 20,000+ pounds of food.  The volunteer coodinator said we packaged up enough food to provide over 15,000 meals to a family of 4!


I cannot WAIT to do this again.  


If this is Day One of October, I can't wait to see what the rest of the month has to offer... 

Do you set monthly goals or an intention for the next month?