Reminder: Celebrate my Runstreak Turning 2 Tomorrow (10/25)!

On 10/25/14 I set out for a 5k run. Little did I know that run would spark something that has totally changed my life.

You all BROUGHT the LOVE on the Year 1 anniversary!

Tomorrow my runstreak turns 2 years old! I would love if you would celebrate with me. Run or walk at least one mile wherever you are!

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Take a selfie with your biggest smiles, nice thumbs up and a cold adult beverage or iced coffee. Please share your photo with me and tag it with...


If you are in the Boston area, please join me for a run out of American Fresh Assembly Row at 6:30pm. Run/walk as little or as much as you want - I'll be doing the Slumbrew Happy Soles 5k loop. Please bring a light and a smile!  :) We will definitely have a celebratory drink after!

Thank you all for following along on this crazy journey and running alongside me or pushing me out the door when I needed a little extra motivation!