The BEST #DaniRunsEveryDayYear2 Celebration I Could Imagine

3,479 miles.

732 days.

4.75 average miles per day.

21 half marathons.

5 marathons.

1 ultra marathon.

6 triathlons.

These are some of the facts behind my #runstreak, but the most important one?


I cannot put into words how touched I am from yesterday!! I shared how much I would love to celebrate the 2-year anniversary of my runstreak (#WOMSStreak) with as many people - both in person and virtual - as I could. I asked you all to run or walk 1 mile and share your pics with the hashtag #DaniRunsEverydayYear2.

And you all blew up the social media! Like seriously. :) Seeing this hashtag pop up on my phone throughout the day from all over the Globe freakin' made me smile ear to ear.

I want to share the pictures I was able to capture from social media. IF yours is missing PLEASE let me know and I will add it to the slideshow PRONTO!

Special thanks to the brave souls that bundled up, put on their headlamps and braved the 5k with me at Assembly Row. We might have been lacking light on the course, but you all made the love shine BRIGHT!

I've been asked by many: how much longer will you go?

I honestly have no idea! I never thought I would make it past Day 100 let alone YEAR 2! So I will - as I have from the beginning - take each day as they come and be thankful every time I get to lace up my sneakers and pound some pavement.

Plus it helps when I am running in honor of my Stroke Heroes. If you would like to help me celebrate a little more ;) please think about donating to my 2017 Boston Marathon fundraising for Tedy's Team and the American Stroke Association. 


Thank you all again for helping me ring in such an unbelievable achievement. Here's to Day 733!