Riding The Wave Into Marathon Training... Mizuno Style!

Winter running in New England can be trying! There is snow, wind, rain, hail, ice, negative temperatures, etc. 

I try to limit my time on the treadmill as much as possible while I train for my fourth Boston Marathon with Tedy's Team. April marathons sound like a great idea until the first ice storm. :P

So when Fitfluential invited me to try out some Mizuno cold weather apparel I jumped at the opportunity. I am happy to have this opportunity.

I was sent the women's breath thermo base layer (value $75), the breath thermo warmalite glove (value $35) and Wave Rider 20 sneakers (value $119.99).

It's as if Boston knew I had fun swag to try out because the day after I received the package we got dumped with snow! Thanks so much mother nature.

I am not a fan of layering up so I rely on a good base layer so I can keep my arms free from three or four layers of warmth. :P Anyone else with me?

I loved how thin the shirt was, but it didn't feel flimsy. It is made of a Breath Thermo fiber which generates heat for additional warmth. 

I can attest it worked. I was glad I didn't play it cautious and add another layer on top... just in case. The thermo shirt plus my vest (to carry my GUs) was all I needed. I would definitely recommend this as a nice base layer. 

It tucked nicely into my workout pants and didn't ride up at all while I ran. A must for my shirts.

While Mizuno sent me the dark shadow color, I think I need to add this dazzling blue to my collection.

What do you think?

Now I am extremely particular with my running gloves. Well that is a more recent change. I used to rock the 99 cent CVS/Walgreens gloves until I tried using those gloves on my iPhone mid-run and nothing happened. Haha. Now I need gloves with the ability to work an iPhone with at least one finger.

Priorities I know!

The thermo warmalite gloves did just that! Woo! I was even able to snap these photos on my phone using the other glove. Woo! Winning!

And if you are wondering what is on the top of my hand? My house key is hidden in the storage pocket. Say what? Yes this was a little too exciting for me. 

Now there wasn't any extra padding or layers of warmth in the gloves, but they kept my hands decently warm on my run. I still need to try these out during a wet/snowy/hail run soon.

I ordered size medium, but I think I should've gone with small. They were a little large and I had to tuck them under my watch to keep them from sliding down. 

Since August 2015, I have been running in neutral shoes after spending the first 10 years of running in a stable shoe. If you haven't been fitted for a running shoe recently, I would recommend doing so as your gait can change!

In the past I have tried Wave Rider versions 16, 17 and 18 so I was excited to see what version 20 had to offer. 

When testing out new shoes I always take them to the treadmill first. I am not sure why, but I feel safer doing that in case for some reason I find they aren't a fit or something starts to hurt. It is easier for me to stop and regroup while at home instead of being potentially miles away.

While I wasn't a fan of the color combo, I liked how lightweight the Wave Rider 20 was. This is marked as a neutral shoe, but it felt like it had more cushioning than my other neutral shoes and the other Wave Rider versions I have tested in the past. 

Now I did like how the "top midsole foam incorporates a new U4ic foam compound that makes this version of the Wave Rider 33% more responsive and durable than previous models."

I am going to take the shoes out on a couple more spins before I make a final verdict. But as of right now I really think the Wave Rider 16 has been my favorite so far. 

Have you checked out any of the Mizuno cold weather gear?