My Thanksgiving Tradition? The Gobble Gobble Gobble 4-Miler With Heather!

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks to the people in our lives... and getting in a road race before indulging in goodies! :P

Since 2013, I have spent a part of my Turkey Day morning running the Gobble Gobble Gobble 4-miler with my good friend Heather.

We have enjoyed each year side by side. And yes I have worn the same shirt each year! :) I have very few brown shirts... :P 

2013: 38:55 
2014: 43:09
2015: 41:35

Year in and year out Heather and I are joined by many of our Slumbrew Happy Soles friends... and 2016 was no different.

How amazing is my crew? That is one FIINNEEE looking group. :) Everyone burning some calories to enjoy the post-run beers. :)

We lined up and as always Heather was in charge of setting our pace. The course is the same each year and has some inclines and a nice hill during Mile 3. :P

I love running this course as it is through the streets I grew up on and goes through the neighborhoods near my college (Tufts University).

Since it is a local race there is the added bonus of seeing a bunch of friends along the course. :)

We lucked out on the weather, which also helped with the crowd support. 

I love using races/runs with friends as catch-up sessions. Have you caught on to that yet? Haha. It is seriously the best way to past the time. Before I knew it we had hit Mile 1.

Mile 1: 10:54

Holiday races offer the best distractions around. I got caught up in checking out the costumes around me. I wish I could've gotten my camera out in time to snap a pic of the family of chickens, complete with mom, dad, and baby chicken. There was also someone who was rocking a bald eagle costume. 

I was able to snap a mid-run selfie of Heather and I during our water break.

Mile 2: 10:18

We took the opportunity for a quick walk break. Many folks are against walking during races. I used to be that way, but I was sick of getting water up my nose and not in my mouth. Now I walk through every water stop while I drink my water. 

I also wanted to make sure Heather got a little walk in before we hit Central Street. Central Street features the most challenging hill of the race. 

It is my favorite stretch of the race because it is the time where Heather curses me for convincing her to run the race. :) As she kicks ass up the hill, there are some expletives sent my way. I respond: "Aannndd now it's truly Thanksgiving." I know deep down she really loves the challenge and experience. 

I definitely high-fived the cop at the top of the hill.

Mile 3: 11:32

As you take the turn on to Summer Street, you hit the Mile 3 marker and then realize the final mile is up a gradual incline. Dammit! But remember what goes up must come down. 

So I turn to Heather and say: 3 miles down - now just a 1 mile cool down. Yes this confused the heck out of the people around us. Haha. I am used to that. We kept our eye on the Finish Line and celebrated when we hit the top of the incline. It meant we would be ending the race on a downhill. 

Mile 4: 10:06

FINAL TIME: 43:07 (10:47 min/mile pace)

The after party takes place at The Burren. In four years we have never made it inside because the line is down the block by the time we finish the race. Apparently there is free beer inside. Maybe someday we will get in there. Someday. But really I have beer at home so I am covered. :P #TooLazyToWaitInLine 

Heather and I headed out to grab some Dunkin Donuts. I mean I HAD TO with the shirt I was wearing. 

Overall the race was great like always. Good company. Great volunteers. High energy. 

Did you kick off Thanksgiving with a road race or some activity?