A Surprise From Sparkle Athletic That Left These Irish Eyes Smiling!

On Friday February 19 I received a text from my wife asking if I had ordered anything from Sparkle Athletic recently.

Hmmm I didn't think I had since registering for the #TeamSparkle 5k (which you should still totally register for)!

She then forwarded me an email confirming my order. It was odd since it had my name, but it went to her mailing address.

I was wondering if she was punking me. I hadn't seen anything on our credit card bill. I checked with a couple of friends to see if they had bought me something as a gift. Nope. Nothing.

It was even odder since I had no idea what the skirt in question was. There was nothing on their website.

But there was a tracking number. When I clicked on it it went to USPS and a message saying "no order found."

Welllll this "I am being Punked" feeling felt more and more real.

I pushed the thought out of my head until Sunday night when I decided to click on the link again and wouldn't you know - something was out for delivery to me.

Okay okay still not getting my hopes too high I stalked the mailman on Monday. Of course like a watched pot never boiling, I saw nothing.

Until I emerged upstairs from a run on the treadmill and a fun box from Sparkle Athletic was sitting on my couch. My mom must've intercepted the mailman.

Oohhhh what could it be????

I was giddy and definitely almost cut myself with the scissors in excitement.

Ahhhh St. Patrick's Day in a box! :P

I spy a new skirt in that package.

Ohhhhh heaven! How adorable is that new skirt (value $35)?!?!?!

It looks to have hit the Sparkle Athletic page today:

Shamrock Running Skirt

If you are going to be running or walking as part of your St. Patty's Day, be sure to pair the Shamrock skirt with a pair of Shamrock Race Legs (value $12):

Now excuse me while I go buy the Sparkle Athletic green visor to complete my ensemble...

I am sending a big huge thank you to the ladies of Sparkle Athletic - Kelly, Elise and Carrie - for sending me such a sweet gift. Thank you 1,000 times ladies!!