Ahhh My Own Pair of Run Disney Ariel Shoes...

Right after Run Disney and New Balance announced their line of 2016 shoes...

I immediately posted on social media how I was drooling over the Ariel shoes. The Ariel shoes were the New Balance Vazee Pace, which has become my go-to running shoe since New Balance let me try them back in August 2015.

It was a match made in Heaven right?

Disney + New Balance + Dani = Happiness

I thought about picking them up when I headed to Disneyland for the Star Wars race weekend, but I knew I had more important things to spend the money on. AKA Bills. Stupid being an adult.

So I drooled over the shoes and continued to like and double tap on the photos my friends shared of their Run Disney sneakers.

While chatting with Kylie for my Shape Magazine piece she mentioned how she received a pair for being a part of the media. I asked if she had any openings at Shape, but that didn't seem to work. ;)

Kylie knew that the Vazee had become my favorite pair of sneakers and actually texted me asking for my address. She was open to sending me her pair because she knew I would get use out of them.

Ohhhh I geeked out. But didn't want to get too excited just in case it didn't work out.

Then the day arrived.

On Tuesday, a box arrived on the doorstep from New York. Oh oh oh oh!! Could it be?

IT WAS!!!!

Oh fancy pants box there New Balance. I was grinning like a fool and carefully lifted the top off.

And there they were. Oh happy day. They were beaming back at me.

Now the only hitch in this plan is that Kylie is a size 8 and I run in a size 9. But I was willing to try the shoes on. If the 8 fit, they could be my walking around Disney shoes!!!

Since this was the packaging for the media, there were even more inside.

And they included the extra decorative shells for the tops. :)

I love the details!

I immediately took my shoes off, sat down and sent all my positive energy out to the world that they would fit.

I felt like the evil step sisters in Cinderella hoping the glass slipper fit MY foot just right.

And you know what...



I did a little Run Disney jig, ran a lap around my apartment and wished I could click my heels and be at Disney World. 

So I owe a big THANK YOU to Kylie for the thoughtful gesture.

Now I know the first thing I will pack for our trip to Disney for Star Wars #DarkSideChallenge in April.

Have you ever owned any of the Run Disney sneakers? Which are your favorites?