Face It Friday: 2-Week Update & A Return To Meetings

Well that two weeks flew by my friends!

I really had every intention of writing about my 2 pound gain last week, but the week got away from me. If you noticed, I had a lot of FUN announcements to make on the blog this past week.

So on Thursday night, I sat down to write the #FaceItFriday post  from last week and it just felt odd. Since I would be weighing in the following morning.

The prior week was ROUGH! I had a 3-4 social engagements, but what really got me was the emotional eating.

I have always been an emotional eater and recently I had been using non-food strategies with success.

But this past week it just didn't work. I fell back on old habits. It was one of those experiences where I could see what I was doing, but I didn't stop myself.

Of course I felt horrible after the incident, but I am proud of myself for tracking it all.

Once the weigh-in was over, I put the craptastic week behind me. I wasn't going to let it ruin the upcoming week. I had made that mistake many times before. 

This past week was full of friends, focusing on finding happiness and allowing myself to feel the emotions rather than shoving them down with food.

That was one of the best things I could've done for myself. 

Making myself find the happy in each day really allowed me to refocus my frustration and unhappiness.

While my tracking wasn't on point this week (I only tracked 2 out of 7 days), but I made sure that each food choice was something I truly wanted. And asking myself: "how am I feeling?" before reaching for the food.

I ended up tracking on Wednesday and Thursday because I wanted to make sure I ended the week on a high note.

Thursday was seriously one of the best weekdays I have had in ages: hit up the grocery store in the morning, walked for 30 minutes on the treadmill before working from home, snuck in a 30 minute bike trainer ride during lunch, attended my Weight Watchers meeting and then closed the day with a fun 3-mile run.

I had no idea how much I needed to get back into the WW meeting room as a member. It is a great feeling to refocus on my journey. I was able to find a new group that I never led personally so I can walk in and just be me. I am not a former Leader or a Success Story.

I have gone to meetings the last 3 Thursdays. I have made it a priority by adding it to my work calendar as a meeting I have to attend. That 30 minutes of me time is wicked valuable. I had forgotten that for awhile. 

So when I woke up Friday morning to weigh-in, I was greeted by a special message I had set for myself:

It's nice to wake up with a smile. Right? Thank you past Dani for making present Dani happy.

I was ready to take whatever the scale was going to give me. I was happy with how the week went overall.

Then the number popped back at me: 167.6. A 3.4 lb loss. 

Ssaayy whhaa??

Well I will take it and keep working on improving my weeks. I am hoping this week has less indulging and more cooking at home. I am working to track it all... even if it comes with some guesstimating.

I have some big fitness goals ahead and I know shedding some of this week makes me a better athlete. Plus it makes my back a happier back as well.