Did You Know... I'm A Beer Runner!

Did you know...

I like to run!

I like to drink beer!

I like to do both at once!

RnR Savannah Marathon

RnR Savannah Marathon

So it was an honor when The Beer Runner approached me to share my story as a beer runner. I have been following The Beer Runner for years and was excited to share my journey.


Thankfully over the years my choice in beer has improved! Well maybe I enjoyed a Coors Light during the RnR Savannah marathon in November, but that was basically rehydrating. ;)

I really enjoy checking out local breweries when I am in a new town for a race.

Plus it is pretty darn fun to be a part of the Slumbrew Happy Soles! I mean someone has to be the first to the beer line... right? ;) 

So if you are interested in reading more, please check out the story here.

Thanks again The Beer Runner for letting me take part! :)