Face It Friday: A Loss & Non-Scale Victories

For the past two weeks, I was in a tough mental place. Each day I worked at thwarting the inner desire to emotionally eat over stressful situations at work. Little by little I was able to succeed.

Since I was tired of letting my brain being filled up with the dark and negative thoughts, I shifted my focus this week to the NSVs.

NSV = Non-Scale Victory

I looooooove Non-Scale victories. They have become a BIG portion of my journey. Especially as I tried to lessen the strength the scale had over me. 

So what did I focus on this week?

  • Hitting my 100th-consecutive day of drinking at least 100 ounces of water a day!
  • Tracking became a priority and it helped me to decide whether I was reaching for food because of my head or my stomach.
  • My pants were feeling loose. I was worried it was because I hadn't washed them in awhile, but no - the 10s are thankfully feeling bigger. I am coming back for ya my 8s.
  • I recorded 15k steps or more each day last week!! I really made walking a priority since my back was still sore. Movement = Therapy my friends.
  • I have gone to my Weight Watchers meetings for 5-straight weeks!! This really has helped my mental state.
  • I made a comparison photo of myself that I was able to use as motivation rather than beating myself up over it.
2004/2005=230s; April 2015=150.2; February 2016=168.6

2004/2005=230s; April 2015=150.2; February 2016=168.6

  • Made sure to enjoy my indulgences, but kept them in check. I only enjoyed my delicious beer/wine on the weekend (aka #DrinkEnd).
NOT what I did this week. ;)

NOT what I did this week. ;)

I really went into Friday's weigh-in not caring about the number because I felt THAT good about my food choices.

For my tracker, I set it to NOT use FitPoints because I wanted to see how many I was using by having the Weekly Points go into the negative. It was an easier visual for me.

In the end I used 35 of my 130 FitPoints. I felt satisfied throughout the week. I wasn't deprived at any point. Now I know I will use more FitPoints this week because I have a race and we will be going out to lunch to celebrate afterwards. I am 100% okay with that. I don't want to change my patterns because this is life. I am losing this weight at the speed it happens around my lifestyle. 

So I stepped on the scale Friday morning and...

Down 2.6 lbs

Current weight: 166
Heaviest weight: 235
Weight Watchers Start Weight: 217.4
Goal Weight: 155
Lowest Weight: 150.2

Clearly we can see a pattern here. Right? Loss, Gain, Loss, Gain. As I look back I know why that happens. During the gains, I have had too many social engagements at one time. 

So I am looking at my weight by two-week increments. So over the last two weeks I lost 1.6 lbs which is right in line with WW 1/2 a lb to 2 lbs loss per week average. 

Would I rather see big losses every week? Sure who wouldn't, but I am seeing an overall trend of down - I am happy. 

So we are looking at being down 6 lbs in 5 weeks, which is a little over 1lb a week. I will once again take it.

Now I am going to work to end the trend of having a gain this week, but whatever happens happens.

I will be over here focusing on the Non-Scale Victories!!!

What is your favorite Non-Scale Victory?