On The Books: Weekend Away In Chicago (March 18-20) Plus A Race

When the wife has a voucher for Southwest voucher and a vacation day she has to use by March 20, you plan a quick getaway.

The wife and I met and started our life together in Chicago. I lived there while working for the Cubs from January 2008 to January 2012. I actually haven't been back to Chicago since 2012. I cannot even believe it's been that long.

For that trip I ran the Rock 'n' Roll Chicago Half for the second time.... and my first sub-2 half! Man I love that race.

The wife goes back at least once a year for a holiday, but I always have to work so I am never able to join her.

Well now I have a chance to see the Windy City again.

The wife and I will be in town March 18-20! YAY!

Since I will be in the midst of the Maine Coast 39.3 challenge training, I need to get an 8 and a 12 mile run in while there. 

And wouldn't you know... there is a 10-miler while I am there. Well isn't that fancy! :)

So on Saturday, March 19 at 9:00am CT I will be taking part in the Live Grit Lakefront 10-miler through CARA (Chicago Area Runners Association).

WAHOO! Hello bling for a training run.

10-miler is $65 (non CARA member) before March 1 and includes a reflective half-zip. This is actually given to both 10-miler and 5k participants! :) 


Post-race celebration complete with music, announcing, free Lagunitas beer, food and more!

I need to know. Will any of my Chicago friends me running this race too?

Outside of the run, the wife and I have zero plans. Well okay the wife is going to be hitting up C2E2 while there and I might as well. 

But other than that we will just be taking in the city and hoping to see some folks.

Will anyone be in town? Can I see anyone at the CARA race?