#GlassSlipperChallenge Weekend 2015 Part 2: Frozen 5k

When I do a Disney race, I will usually lay out my costume the night before on the spare bed. Since we were at Saratoga Springs the room had a table that I could lay everything on. I always like to triple check to make sure I remembered all of the pieces... I am prone to leave things at home.

Well I set my alarm as well as the wife's phone's alarms to make sure I would be up in plenty of time. The wife wasn't running the 5k so I would be heading to the race solo. I was up and dressed with plenty of time to spare...

or so I thought!

Guess who managed to misread the bus time and realized the last bus would be pulling up to Saratoga Springs in like 5 minutes.

Commence FREAK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I rushed around the room grabbing anything I could think I needed, held the bib in my hand and flew to the bus stop. I literally felt like a Kenyan I thought I was running so fast. ;) As I came up to the bus stop there was a long line of people waiting for the last bus to pull up.


I had made it. I could breathe again and work on putting my bib on. :P

As I was flying out of the room, the wife was like "What if you miss it - it's the 5k?" After shooting her a death stare :P I reminded her this was the FROZEN 5k and I wanted the medal really badly. PLUS the 5k my friends is NOT cheap.

But thankfully all of that was a mute point as I had made it to the bus. 

I wasn't sure if anyone would get my costume. I was in love with it since the moment I thought it up. Shocking right? I would like my own idea. ;) But hoped people appreciated it.

After riding the bus over from Saratoga Springs to the EPCOT parking lot and trying to dance to stay warm, I headed to Corral A.

The Floridians had NO IDEA how to handle the 30 degree weather. For me it was a freakin' heat wave. I was actually wearing a tank top, which drew a lot of odd stares from volunteers. Until I told them I was from Boston. "Oohhhhhhh how did you get out of the snow?" - they all exclaimed.

Can you guess my costume?

That's right - a rock troll! :)

The 5k isn't timed, but I brought my Garmin because I wanted to see how long the run took including the character stops. 

I absolutely love running through the Park before it opens.

I was in the second row of Corral A. It is crazy to be that close to the Start. Again this only happens to be in Disney. :) So I savor it when I can...

I crossed under the Start Arch and we were off. The chilly weather was forcing me to FLY. :P 

The necklace of the costume was a pain from the get go. It was made with decorative rocks and they were clanging around and banging against my chest. As a result I ended up running while holding my necklace against my chest. Oh yeah I am that talented. ;)

Then there she was... MINNIE!!

Here are the three pics with Minnie: 1) why my iPhone and a Instagram filter; 2) the picture that freakin' Run Disney used on their Twitter account (yes I am still geeking out over that) and 3) the MarathonFoto photo.

I love them all equally! Fun to see the same moment in three different lights... literally!

I LOVE that you can see the outline of my headpiece in the Mile Marker.

Mile 1: 8:01

During Mile 2, we finally entered EPCOT through the World Showcase. Mile 2 was my favorite mile since it brought us through the park AND had not one, but two character stops.

In case you are wondering, yes that is moss that my wife hot glued to a tank top. We bought it at Michael's. I was leaving a trail of moss wherever I went. :P

As we entered the park, Let It Go was playing over the loudspeaker in different languages. It was an amazing moment to be running through the World Showcase with the song playing. I actually started crying. Yes yes I get emotional during races. Nothing new there. ;)

YAY!! You can tell it's me this time.

Mile 2: 8:46

Okay guys sorry Mile 3 might've been my favorite mile. ;) It just kept getting better and better.

I was using a pair of grey leggings that we cut up to make arm warmers. They didn't stay up very well, but were wicked useful pre-race.

After seeing my dad's favorite character Goofy, it was time to see the special guests.

As I ran up to them Anna yelled: "Well someone looks ready for a rock troll wedding."

MORNING MADE! She got it! :)

Does my face give away how freakin' pumped I was in this moment. I didn't care that the race started at 5:30am I was texting this pic out immediately. Haha

Hey, where's Nemo?

After making our way around the EPCOT ball, we were making our way back towards the EPCOT parking lot and the finish.

Mile 3: 8:30

Can anyone spot where I hide my phone while I run? Haha. I like that it was making an appearance as I crossed the Finish Line. :P

FINAL TIME: 26:37 (8:35 min/mile pace)

I had a BLAST! Now the scenery when outside of the park is really just parking lots and back roads - not the most glamorous. But the time in the park makes up for it.

Once I grabbed my snack box, I headed to the lines for the buses back to the hotels. 

When I got back to the room I was finally able to snap some clearer pics of the costume. Here are my leggings turned arm warmers.

My wife made my cape, headpiece, necklace and put the moss on the tank. She is wicked creative... thank goodness!

Oh was I ready to ROCK that medallion all around the Parks!

Next Up: Enchanted 10k