Time To Take This Running Thing INTERNATIONAL!

Did I catch you all with my obnoxious use of CAPITAL LETTERS?

I am just a little excited.

OKAY I am freakin' psyched to be taking this running thing of mine to the INTERNATIONAL level!

Damn this week is full of fun announcements.

On Monday I shared that I will be tackling my first (and probably only) ultra marathon this year.

GAH! I get a whole new wave of nervousness and excitement every single time I type that or someone mentions it to me. 

I really do want to thank you all for the outpouring of suggestions and support. Sometimes I feel like I write this blog just so that my wife has something I force her to read. :P Then I get messages from you all and I am reminded that there are people out there taking this journey right alongside me. So thank you! I don't know if I tell you all of that enough.

Okay okay! Enough of the gushy stuff back to the fun!

So I was named a RockNBlog ambassador for the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series for the third time in 2016. As a perk, we were given a Global Tour Pass. This meant we could sign up for as many races as we wanted - anywhere in the world.

Oh friends why am I not independently wealthy so I could run all the races in all the states in all the countries and collect all the bling?

It is an honor to be part of the #RockNBlog crew again. I have had an amazing time racing all over the States and meeting fellow bloggers.

But with a lot of my racing schedule for 2016 already plotted out - what races would I be able to fit in for the year. Since learning about RnR Races I have done at least two per year. What can I say I like the heavy medals!

In 2011-2014, I rocked, rolled and ran through seven different cities. Feel free to read more about those here.

In 2015 I enjoyed: San Diego 5k and Full, Brooklyn Half and Savannah 1-miler, 5k and Full! Landing me 4 extra pieces of bling!

After dissecting my 2016 schedule...

I immediately registered for Rock 'n' Roll Philly 5k and Half (Sept 17-18), which are happening on my BIRTHDAY WEEKEND! (note capital letters are back)

The RnR Philly is the spot of my current Half PR. In 2013, a day before I turned 31, I recorded a 1:44:12 half time. Oh snap! I was freakin' psyched. My first-ever half in 2006 was a 2:21. I would've broken 1:44 had I not had a long port-o-potty line at Mile 3. Stupid bladder!

Well I have been chasing that time ever since. So I am happy to head back there and enjoy a course that I truly loved every minute of in 2013.

And this time they added a 5k the day before. So you know what that means????? Extra bling! 

I have tentatively marked down a return to RnR Brooklyn Half (October 8). I did the RnR 10k there in 2013 and the inaugural RnR Half in 2015.

But I really wanted to do a RnR marathon. I have run the full in: Savannah (twice), Nashville and San Diego.

Now I have my chance...

The wife and I are heading to...


Oh hey hey! Weight Off My Shoulders is going international baby!

I had been looking at RnR Dublin, but DAMN those airfare prices scared me away.

I am freakin' excited. Montreal is a 5-hour (ish) drive from Boston so the wife and I will drive up on Friday (Sept 23), enjoy, race and drive home on Sunday (Sept 25).

I was ready to sign up for all the races, but the 1k, 5k, 10k, Half and Full are all on the same day. Now the 1k happens in the afternoon so I could potentially do both the marathon and the 1k. But I gotta see the bling first. ;)

So there you have it! More fun news out of the WOMS world.

I need to know... will anyone else be racing there that weekend? I am thinking of hosting a meet-up.

*DISCOUNT CODE UPDATE*: I should be getting my discount code for RnR races next week. I will update you all as soon as I can!!!