"Do I Look Wide?"

The question I most often ask myself and my wife is: "Do I look wide?"

It has been something I've grappled with since being 230+ lbs. I fear looking and being wide.

Ever look at a chair and question whether or not you will fit between the arms comfortably?

Ever have to squeeze into a backseat with 2 other folks & pray you can make it without making those folks contort around you?

Ever look in the mirror and wonder if you will always feel big?

I say yes to all of these questions and more.

Even though I know in my brain I am a smaller person than I was then there is still a piece of me that questions how I look, will I fit, will I squish people on a couch or in a car.

I fight each day for that rational piece of my brain wins over the questionable piece.

For now I will continue to follow each of those "Do I look wide?" questions with "Do you look healthy?" and "Do you love yourself regardless of your width?" questions each and every day...