Face It Friday: No-Weigh In & An Amazing April

I am feeling lost folks. I had a great discussion with my friend and fellow WW Leader friend Susan. I still call Susan a WW Leader friend since that is how we met and she is still an active WW Leader. I am clearly not leading anymore. :P

I was amped to weigh in both yesterday morning and then this morning. 

And then I didn't.

I slept right through the alarm and didn't even attempt to weigh-in later on.

I don't know what is going on.

I think my goal for April is to work on getting more sleep. I am getting to bed at a decent time, but having trouble sleeping through the night. Lots of stuff on my mind makes it hard for me to get a good chunk of sleep at once. I know that when I sleep better and am rested - I make smarter decisions AND move more. 

So my goal starting tomorrow night is to be in bed by 9:00 and lights off, etc by 9:30pm. This might mean the wife has to head to the livingroom to watch TV or work on her laptop. I need to put my foot down and make this healthy change my priority. It really is - for me - the root of it all. 

I've had a ton of time while running or walking to dissect what's been derailing me and 1) lack of sleep is leading to lazy choices and less movement and 2) not getting a good handle on the new Weight Watchers Smart Points. When it comes to the new system, my real struggle is FitPoints. 

So I am stepping out of my comfort zone and doing something I have never done before...

I am going to attempt to count calories through My Fitness Pal.

My goal is to track in both the WW app and MFP to see the difference between Smart Points and Calorie counting in terms of my fitness/activity. 

This endeavor is kicking off on Monday, April 4. 

I am nervous about the change since I have always lived by the Points system, but Points are now taking calories back into account so it seems like a good time to compare the two.

I am committing to making this comparison for the month of April. I will take off while I am in Disney (which I always do). 

Interested to see what I discover... I may discover that something new was exactly what I needed.

Time will tell... but I am ready to make April AMAZING!

Have you ever switched up your tracking method to try and jumpstart your journey during a rut?