Face It Friday: A Loss Is A Loss & Letting Go

Last week was ROUGH! Thankfully not emotionally or physically bad - it was more a lot of celebrating. Which was ALL on me.

I ran the Hyannis Half with my friends and we went out afterwards for lunch and beers. I am proud of myself for tracking it AND getting the kids size of my meal (which was a plus). Either way tenders and fries really eat up those Smart Points ... am I right? But I hadn't had it in ages and they were tasty.

Verdict: Worth it!

So I made an effort to end the week on a positive note sooo....


I attended my Weight Watchers meeting (for the 6th-straight week) then...

the wife and I had a date night yesterday to see the Bruins vs Blackhawks.

And what did I do? I freakin' snuck in my dinner and snacks so I wouldn't be tempted to get the high-point food I really wanted. I even sat next to the wife while she ATE the meal I wanted. :P

Now don't go ratting me out people. We are all in this together! Okay?

It was a successful exercise and I came home feeling proud of myself.

Last night was Day 1 of 7-consecutive days with social engagements/dining out/work events. OOF! Not ideal, but that is life. Right my friends. I was happy to walk away from Day 1 with a win. Not every day will necessarily be a win, but I am taking each event as it comes. I will try my best, but in the end I will NOT beat myself up over the choices.

AND I will track it all.

So speaking of tracking. The week ended like this:

I used all of my Daily Points, all of my Weekly Points and 126 out of my 160 FitPoints.


Not ideal after using just 35 of my FitPoints last week and seeing success at the scale. But they are there to be used if you need to... and I needed to! :)

I expected a gain (based on past weeks since the switch to SmartPoints) so I prepared myself mentally.

I stepped on the scale this morning and...

I was DOWN 0.4! 

*Happy Dance* Two sticks of butter - I will take it.

Current weight: 165.6
Heaviest weight: 235
Weight Watchers Start Weight: 217.4
Goal Weight: 155
Lowest Weight: 150.2

I am proud to see that overall I am down 12 lbs since recommitting to my health on 11/11/15. Would I like it to be faster? Of course. But in that time I had trips, work changes and holidays. I am happy to see that overall it is going in the downward trend. I also STOPPED the gain - loss - gain - loss - pattern.

Now will that happen this week? I am not sure. I will be okay with a gain if it happens since I know I have some events outside of my control, but I will do my best to not let it happen.

I am content and pleased with this plan.

About letting go...

When I made the decision to leave Weight Watchers as an employee (Leader/Ambassador/Coach) last Fall, it was a tough one.

WW has given me so much - not just the weight lost, but the life gained, amazing friends I wouldn't have known otherwise and a feeling of helping others. Oh the members. Those folks were the reason I stayed as long as I did. 

But on the flip side, I wasn't supported as an employee. I won't get into the nitty gritty because I don't want to.

So today I did something for me - I LET GO of the frustration, anger and hurt feelings.

And it feels like - get ready for it - a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. ;) ;) 

It is hurt that I have been carrying around for too long. Returning to a WW meeting as a member after a much-needed break has been helpful in mending a broken heart.

Ahh with a nice deep breath I release the pain and fill my body back up with all of the positivity associated with the program.

It was a long time coming, but I am happy I took that step for me.

I ask you: what will you do for YOU today?