Finding MY Workout Routine

Oh friends! Since starting my job in October, I battled with finding a workout routine where I could get in my mileage, blog, work, sleep and oh yeah see my little family. ;) 

I see amazing athletes all over the world get everything in and more, but I was having a tough time. 

I put 10 lbs on in the first month of switching to a desk job and I think I am finally in a good place to focus on getting rid of it. 

What's helped? FINALLY finding a workout routine that is doable, flexible and fun!! 

I am not one that sets a lot of fitness goals (time wise), but I set a big fitness goal that scares me each year since 2012. 

My #1 goal since October 2014 has been to keep my #WOMSStreak runstreak alive. Today's #RUNch was day 612. 

While the runstreak helped me get in at least some activity in each day, I needed more. My mind, body and soul needed more.

For the past couple of months, I have finally found a comfortable workout "outline" to follow. I wanted to call it a plan, but it wasn't. It was just certain days dedicated to certain activities. I would have a set amount to run, but I play the other activities by ear. 

So here's what is working for me for now: 

 Monday:  Run - Step (45 min) - Spin (45 min)

Tuesday: Run - Harvard Stairs (until knee pain became too much) - Yoga - or simply a fun walk with the family ... This has become my "low impact" or "rest" day

Wednesday: Run - Swim

Thursday: BRICK (Run - Bike) 

Friday:  Run - Swim

Saturday:  Long Run or Race

Sunday: Long Run or Race

Phew!!! It really makes perfect sense when I lay it out.  

Since my main focus is on the ultra in August with some triathlons along the way, I will be sure to drop a swim/bike if necessary. My top priority is to get my mileage in. 

Here is last week's workout recap: 

 Monday: 3-mile run + 45-min bike

Tuesday: 3-mile run + 2,000m swim (had to switch day due to work)

Wednesday:   3-mile progression run

Thursday: 30-min bike + 5-mile run  

Friday: 3-mile run (skipped swim) 

Saturday:  20-mile run  

Sunday: 13.1-mile run

Week Totals: 50.1 miles run, 2,000m swim, 75 min biked

With this plan, I am getting a good amount of sleep and being open to having to switch workouts around to fit work.  

I haven't felt this good about my workouts in awhile and I can't wait to see how I can improve it once the ultra is over.  

But for now I will continue to follow the outline that works for me! 

It took awhile for me to happily wake up early to be in the pool before 6am on Wednesdays, but now I look forward to my quiet time in the water. 


So how do YOU make it happen???