Unless you live under a rock, I think everyone has heard about the Orlando Pulse Gay club shooting. 

It was event that shook up not only the LGBT community but many allies all over the world.

Many LGBT members shared about their own experiences with gay clubs. With those clubs being the one place you could be true to who you were/are and let loose in a safe space. 

I too was one of those young homos in college coming to terms with their sexuality and knowing for that one night (here in Boston we didn't have gay clubs just gay nights at clubs)  that I could let myself be open (before officially coming out my senior year).

Flash forward to 2016 where I happily live an out and open life with my wife.  


But honestly there are times - more than I care to admit to myself - where I doubt my desire to hold her hand in public, steal a quick kiss at a race or most recently dance with her at a wedding. 


While I know my circles and my tribes support me, I question those I don't know.  

How will they react? 

Will they have any desire to hurt us? 

Would they call us names? 


I HATE that gut reaction of fear, but it isn't without a valid reason.  

I long for the day that comes - and it will - when I can walk hand in hand with my wife without fear of attack or persecution. Some day it will arrive, but for now I will continue to proudly declare my love for the woman that loves me faults and all. She loves me more than I could've ever imagined someone would.


I will no longer let unfollows when I bring up my wife or being gay get to me. It's their loss. I will not hide who I am out of fear. 

So I thank those that love me for who I am and who I love... :)