Where Have I Been?

I've been hiding.

I know I've been hiding.

I withdraw when I am starting to spiral internally.

I haven't been posting as much.

I haven't been reaching out to friends as much.

As my confidence has decreased so has my spark.

But I am done letting the inner demons, the depression, the turmoil take over.

I have faced this time and time before and once again I will persevere.

Earlier this week I got so upset and frustrated with myself that i got close to cutting. I could feel the urge to do it overtaking me. But I looked at my wrist. I looked at the old scars. I knew it wouldn't solve anything. Thankfully I held strong and didn't.

But having that urge to harm myself come back snapped me back into reality.

I am not in a good place mentally and I need to get back to doing what keeps me positive, focused and basically HAPPY.

So I promise to myself here on this little piece of the internet that I am back. I am done hiding. I am done NOT writing and sharing. I am done being unhappy. 

I am ready to kick ass and get back to being me!