Best Way To Spend Halloween? Running Salem's Devil's Chase 6.66 Of Course!

If there is one place in the United States you want to be in October, it is historic Salem, MA. 

Since I've grown up in the Boston area, we've been to Salem countless times, but I would normally avoid the month of October due to high increase in tourists. :)

But October 2016 would be different!


I registered for the Devil's Chase 6.66 with my Slumbrew Happy Soles. Yes we are basically a team of race pushers. I thought I was the biggest race pusher in the group, but folks are giving me a run for my money now. Ha.

Since I was busy preparing costumes for the Run Disney Wine and Dine race weekend (which took place the following week), I forgot I needed a costume for the race. I threw together an Ariel-type outfit, but realized I would be way too hot. I brought a back-up outfit that was an ode to Minnie Mouse. Not my best work, but I was focused on the Disney costumes. 

Can you all forgive me? :)

What is Minnie to do when she has an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other! :P

We walked under the Finish arch to go to bib pick-up. It was super fast and easy. Since Susan and I signed up so late, we didn't get the free pint glass. I was okay with that. I have enough pint glasses. LOL.

More of the Happy Soles arrived and we all caught up before heading over to the Start Line.

Like that description? :) 

Like that description? :) 

Susan needed to use this as a training run and I was along for the ride. I told her to set whatever pace she wanted and we would stick to it. Our goal was to stop, take some pics and enjoy the costumes folks were rocking.

The first mile was taking place along Collins Cove. It was overcast so the weather wasn't all that enjoyable, but we were just hoping the rain would hold off until we were done running.

It was a blast running through downtown Salem while it was all dolled up for Halloween. There were "witches" on the side of the street cheering runners on. 

Mile 1: 9:22
Mile 2: 9:38
Mile 3: 9:59

We did a little circle along Jumper Cove. 

I had to grab a quick shot of my angel taking a mid-race pic.

As we left the circle on Jumper Cove, we could see the rest of the racers heading to start that loop. I love the out and back area. It really is a great way to see friends, especially since we knew so many fellow Happy Soles at the race.

Mile 4: 9:34
Mile 5: 9:33

Just after the Mile 5 marker, I looked to our right and saw the Finish Line and where we parked the car. But we had to keep running past it because we still had over 1.5 miles to go. Since neither Susan nor I had done this race before we had no idea how we would be getting back to the Finish Line in that distance since it looked to be much closer to us.

Mile 6: 9:18

As we took a right back towards Collins Cove, we realized we would have one more lollipop loop to complete before we hit the Finish. 

We would be taking to the path along the water. I didn't mind it as the race had thinned out around us so we didn't experience any pushing or clogging.

I can tell you people looked at me with odd looks as I stopped to snap photos within 1/2 a mile of the Finish Line. Haha.

It also wasn't until this time that I realized I was wearing a Rock N Roll marathon jacket to a 6.66 mile race. It is a personal thing where I hate wearing race shirts/hats/jackets that are longer than the distance I am racing. I totally blanked when I grabbed the jacket. I took it because it was black and red and that's what I needed. Haha.

After our quick photo stop, we rejoined the crowds and made our way to the Finish. As we hit the last 1/4 mile the rain started to come down very lightly. We had almost made it the entire race. 

FINAL TIME: 1:03:44 (9:34 min/mile pace)

How AMAZING is that medal? I would come back again just for that!

OH SNAP! My Garmin was spot on to 6.66! This MADE. MY. DAY!

We headed over to grab some free food (quite a spread) and a water while we waited for the rest of the crew to finish. I was psyched to see a Yasso truck as well. I am starting to pine for races to have a Yasso truck. Those greek yogurt bars are delicious!!

We had to take two different post race pics as we had two waves of folks finish. Some had to scoot quickly to get out of the rain. 

Wicked proud of these folks for kicking some race booty and automatically getting a PR since none of us had done a 6.66 mile race before. :) 

Unfortunately I had to sneak out rather quickly because I had a wedding to get to, but I made sure I could celebrate the best way I know how.

Even while running Susan and I said we would totally do that race again. Next time I need to up my costume game. But the course was well supported, fun volunteers who got into the costume game, good post-race spread (no free beer though), kick ass shirt and medal and my vote for best costume of the day!

How cute is that freakin' family????

What is your favorite themed race like this?