I'm A Ragnar Ambassador For 2017! Let's Celebrate With The #RagnarTraining Challenge

GUYS GUYS GUYS GUYS!!! Guess what??????

Well after completing 2 Ragnar races: Cape Cod (road) and New England (trail) and the original Reach The Beach, I am honored to be named a Ragnar ambassador for 2017. Well specifically Reach The Beach!!!


I ran Reach The Beach in September 2015 with the amazing ladies of New Balance. There was a group of Boston and New York bloggers that tackled the 200 mile course.

Feel free to check out my 3-part blog recap of the amazing event here.

Awesome photo from my 3rd and final leg

Awesome photo from my 3rd and final leg

As part of the Reach The Beach ambassador team, I will be receiving a complimentary entry into the 2017 Reach The Beach race. I am not sure yet if there is an ambassador team or I will need to find a team to be a part of. More on that later.

BUT before that race I have already registered for the Cape Cod race with my fellow Tedy's Team family. WOO HOO!!! I cannot wait.

Since I will be running Cape Cod and Reach The Beach I will receive an extra medal. That was a HUGE surprise in 2015.

To celebrate this sweet and awesome experience, let's all take part in the 30-day #RagnarTraining challenge.

The challenge: commit to doing something active, every day, for 30 days straight!
Reward: Besides a kick ass sense of accomplishment, Ragnar will give you a $60 off code to any open, non-lottery, Ragnar when you sign up!

Here's how to join the 30-Day Challenge:

1. Sign up here and commit to doing something active every day in January. You can run, snowshoe, ski, hike, do yoga or any other activity your heart desires. The last day to commit is TODAY Jan. 6th. If you miss a day, do two activities the next day to make up for it.

2. Join the Ragnar Facebook group (here) and share your daily activities. Together we'll support each other and make it through the challenge together. Please note the challenge goes from Jan. 1-30 for most. The last day you can commit is Jan. 6 - Feb. 5.

3. Download, print and fill out your activity calendar. (located above)

4. Take part in weekly challenges and win gear from sweet partners.

5. Submit your completed calendar on January 30th and receive a special sticker!

To sign up for the challenge and receive your $60 OFF code* visit here.

For more information weekly challenges and FAQs visit here.

*Code cannot be applied to existing teams or combined with other offers. This promo is valid for any open 2017 Ragnar (Road or Trail), except for lottery races. The discount will be applied to the entire team's registration fee. Only one discount can be applied per team. Code expires 2/7/17. Find your next Ragnar here.

Will I see you at Reach The Beach? Are you ready for 30-consecutive days of movement?