Today Was A REAL Rest Day

For the first time since October 24, 2014, I did not work out today. Folks I didn't even hit 10k steps on my Fitbit.

And you know what?

The world didn't stop revolving. I didn't die. It was actually 100% okay.

I had planned to get up and join a friend for a Spin class, but I woke up with some tightness in my left hip so I aired on the side of caution and rolled back over for more sleep.

Oh glorious glorious sleep.

As I drove into work I thought about how I would squeeze time on my bike trainer later in the day. 

It was an exercise I have done many times when my original workout plans fell through.

But this time was different.

This time I told myself it would be okay if I didn't work out at all today. I am allowed to take a 100% rest day.

Well this is how Laney looked - not me! :P 

Well this is how Laney looked - not me! :P 

I wasn't sure how the first few days after the #runstreak ended would go. I had been thinking about it for over 800 days. 

I worried I would fall into a rut, but really I am feeling oddly calm.

I think that means it truly was the right time to put that chapter to rest. 

I am not worried about not running again seeing as how I have 2 marathons and 2 half ironmans to train for and a fun group run on Saturday. ;)

The plan? Let myself take these 5 days off - 1/30-2/3 - then go in rested, refreshed and rejuvenated to Saturday's team run.

This week I will focus on rest, swimming, strength training and biking. All those other things I neglected for too long.

I have a training plan in place for the next couple of months, the Tedy's Team coach signed off on it and I am ready to get down to business.

But for now? For now I am going back to snuggling puppies and celebrating being in bed in PJs before 8pm.

How do you like to spend your rest days?