Are You Ready To Run The Bay With Represent Running? In Person OR Virtually! Discount Code Included.

Note: I did receive a complimentary entry into the Represent Running Run the Bay Challenge because I am an ambassador for Represent Running. All opinions are my own. Ain't nobody got time for lyin'!

Do you ever sit home and pine over your friends' glamorous photos and bling from races around the country? 

Working through some serious #FOMO?

I know it happens to me on almost a daily basis.

One of the race series I really missed out on in 2015 - because well simply put I live on the wrong coast - was the Represent Running Run the Bay Challenge!

I lived in San Francisco for a year in 2007 and really miss the Bay Area. 

So in 2016 when my friend Pavement Runner told me that Represent Running would offer a remote runner option for the race series. I jumped at the opportunity. I was SOOO excited about it I applied - and was accepted - as a Represent Running ambassador for the year. WOO!!!

I am a big advocate for virtual races. Why miss out on some sweet bling and a good cause just because you can't travel to the location of the event??

So for 2017, I AM ALL IN... AGAIN! That's right friends. I am ready to Run The Bay... from the Boston area. :) 

Let's get to the details...

The Run The Bay Challenge includes three races:

The San Jose 408k Race to the Row (8k) on March 5 -- $56

Across The Bay 12k & 415k (5k or 12k option) on July 9 -- TBD

Let’s Go 510! The East Bay’s 10k (5k or 10k option) in October (official date hasn't been set yet) -- TBD

Have I hooked you yet? Want more? Okay!

Each race includes a Finisher's medal, bib and race t-shirt.

Man need more icing on the cake?

If you complete all three races, you receive ANOTHER MEDAL! 

Jeez you need more?

Okay! I've got a discount code for you:

Use code RepresentDK to get 15% off registration
for The San Jose 408k Race to the Row.


Now if you are looking to sign up for the challenge, you can still use that discount code for the San Jose 408k portion of the challenge. The other two races are already at the lowest possible prices.

So friends join me! I will put together a Boston version of the race if enough of my local friends register. Do the same with you and your friends if you are outside of the Bay Area. Come on... all the cool kids are! ;) 

There's just one question left: are you in?