Oh Did You Hear? We're Moving To...

Well I gave the answer away:

1) with the image I used for this post

2) mentioned it in the last post (assuming you all read that one). If you didn't, let me tag it for you. Here you go. Feel free to read it now... I'll wait!


Are we all caught up?


Well if you follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, you've noticed that I've made three separate trips to Amsterdam totaling four weeks since the end of June.


During my second trip, I was asked if I was open to potentially relocating to Amsterdam and changing which region of the company I worked for - moving from the Americas region to EMEA (EU) region. It was a lot to take in, but something the wife and I discussed and decided I would hate myself if I didn't explore the option.

After looking at the numbers, promotion and job growth - not to mention the chance to travel around Europe - I accepted the role pending a trip to Amsterdam for the wife. I can't just commit to both of us moving to another country without her stepping foot into that country, right?

So that's why she joined me on my trip in late September. It was awesome having her with me after traveling alone the first two trips. She explored the city and the different neighborhoods we could potentially live in, while I worked during the day. Hmmm seems like she got the better deal on that. ;)


But by the end of the trip, we knew we were going to say yes! Again this is the time to do it: we don't have kids, we don't own a house and the pups can move to The Netherlands without having to go through quartine! The stars were aligning...

OH and the most important part. How could I forget?


They have a Dunkin Donuts!


Now before everyone judges me about going to a Dunks when Amsterdam has amazing cafes (not coffee shops, those sell weed), but I HAD to do it to experience it. Plus Amsterdam doesn't really do iced coffee like we do in the States. Their iced coffee is cold brew - no matter where you go. So I will for sure be buying a keurig and stocking up on some Dunks. I will say the donuts in Amsterdam were 1000 times better than in the States, but I never claimed I went to Dunks for the donuts. :P


And a Weight Watchers. Now there is only one meeting in English, but it will become my meeting!

So now as I sit here 87 days out from the move, I received the one-way ticket confirmation in my inbox and it all starts feeling really real.

We will begin the visa process, BSN (like a Social Security Number), back account, finding an apartment, shipping our stuff, relocating the pups, selling our car and all of that fun stuff that goes along with this big life move. 


I am excited, sad, nervous, overwhelmed and any other emotion you can imagine, but I am excited to have my wife by my side for this crazy adventure.


Oh and a friend like Renee who lives outside Amsterdam and is helping me each step of the way as well.


So I hope you will all travel along with me as we navigate the changes and I start running around Europe... :)